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Ajusto Rethinking the driving experience.

In the three months following launch:

+ 127,000 total website visits
+ 5 minutes, on average, spent per visit
+ 3,000 app downloads via the website

Using technology to encourage good driving habits

With its Ajusto program, Desjardins Insurance is the first Canadian insurer to use telematics to encourage good driving habits in its policyholders. In 2015, the company decided to enhance the experience even more by launching the Ajusto app, the first 100% mobile telematics insurance program requiring no in-vehicle device.


  • Present the new mobile app
  • Make it easier for existing users to transition over to the new app
  • Encourage new users to try the app

Clear and convincing

Guidance and transparency are at the heart of the content strategy. The website uses a storytelling approach featuring simple and concise language to facilitate understanding and guide the user in the change process.


A simplified linear process

From its design to the content itself, the website was developed to help visitors discover the app in the simplest way possible, through a linear process.

Conversion by empowerment

“It’s in your hands.” The storytelling approach first leads users to understand that they are in control of their driving behaviour and their savings, and then convinces them to download the mobile app.

Gamification and multimedia

From JavaScript animation and the ability to choose a profile—like choosing a video game avatar—to the design and interconnected multimedia content elements, the website was developed to offer an immersive experience and encourage users to go through the discovery process.


Scrolling website navigation combined with a storytelling approach invites users to discover the Ajusto universe.


A focus on mobility

Creating a mobile page to present a mobile app is logical, right? The page was designed to be completely responsive. The content, motion graphics, design: everything adapts to the user’s platform.

The blog

The page also includes a blog managed with Drupal, which allows the brand to provide relevant content to users.


A complete experience

The Ajusto website offers a fun and interesting experience reflective of the app, in order to incite downloads while explaining its key functionalities.