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Brunet Strengthening the status of leader in health and wellness in Quebec.

Two years after launching the site:

+ 10X tip page views
+ 129 % organic-type visits
+ 992 % views from mobile devices

Enhanced profile

Brunet wanted to redefine its digital offer to adopt a strong brand positioning in the Quebec pharmacy market.


  • Position Brunet as a leader in the health and wellness sector
  • Enhance the content and user experience on based on the needs and expectations of its customers

Relevance and accessibility

To achieve this goal, a comprehensive content strategy was adopted and implemented. The content is defined and optimized according to user search habits and concerns.


A responsive design was implemented to make the offer accessible anywhere, anytime, regardless of the device or platform used.


A readily understood concept

The site is structured into content themes, each accessible via a landing page that is search engine optimized. The main contextual navigation is designed so that users can easily find their way around the site, regardless of their entry point.


In support of the content strategy, the graphic design features over 75 icons and some one hundred images that help differentiate the various proposed categories and themes at a glance. The light colour palette inspires calm and confidence, while the strong, vibrant accents recall the colours of the brand.


My pharmacist, anywhere, anytime

The website has a personalized portal, MonBrunet, allowing customers to access health-related services from anywhere, at any time.


MonBrunet allows customers to select their local store, obtain information about it and schedule an appointment with their pharmacist. The portal can also be used for viewing the weekly flyer, managing personal health files and accessing a host of medication-related information and get access to a wealth of information by consulting our encyclopaedias.


An integral component of the MonBrunet portal, MaSanté allows customers to manage and refill prescriptions as well as access their health file and that of their family members in just a few clicks.


A responsive design

Brunet is the first Quebec pharmacy to adopt a responsive design and to offer a friendly, consistent experience. A unique navigation approach was implemented for each device, allowing users to browse the site efficiently, whenever and from wherever they please.

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