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Brunet Getting back in shape made fun.

The Active Health Challenge consists of:

17 Fun questions to establish your health score
27 Stimulating challenges to help you improve your health
27 Unique badges to collect in a personalized dashboard

Bringing to life the brand positioning

In 2015, Brunet repositioned its brand with a focus on active health. Through this concept the company wishes to raise its customers’ awareness of the importance of improving their health and help them achieve their goals.


  • Create a constantly evolving interactive tool to support users in taking charge of their health
  • Establish a healthy, non-intrusive communication method and build a solid relationship with customers

Establishing the relationship

The Active Health Challenge is a fun app that enables Brunet to engage with its customers and support them in taking charge of their health.


Far from moralistic, Brunet’s approach is based on two main axes: motivation and advice to make improving your health a fun thing to do.


Gamification to motivate

Similar to a mobile app, the Active Health Challenge was developed to offer the user a fun and stimulating experience. The tone and style of the copy, the colour palette and iconography (cartoon-ish) – every creative element was harmonized to reinforce the playful aspect of the challenge. Additionally, gamification elements were integrated to maintain users’ motivation.


Data used for personalization

Through a simple questionnaire of 17 questions, the interactive tool compiles data enabling it to chart the user’s health profile and suggest personalized challenges.

The questionnaire’s algorithm was developed by Capsana health professionals.


Lifestyle changes

By launching the Active Health Challenge, Brunet is positioning itself as the first pharmacy chain to focus on prevention rather than curing. With this interactive tool, Brunet aims to enhance its customers’ health by promoting the adoption of healthy habits.