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VIA Rail Enhancing the customer experience.

Noteworthy projects and highlights:

Redesign of homepage Integration of geolocation feature
“Who’s on board” campaign Help users better understand the rail offer and promote customer engagement
Increase in engagement Increase in number of visits and decrease in bounce rate

A constantly evolving ecosystem

In 2012, VIA Rail Canada chose to partner with Tink for the web marketing, hosting and facilities management of its digital ecosystem.


  • Manage and evolve web and mobile apps
  • Optimize digital ecosystem
  • Increase traffic across entire ecosystem

Harmonized strategies

VIA Rail offers a team of highly skilled strategists whose composition is tailored to each specific mandate. Whether for business, digital media, content, user experience or search engine strategy, every digital solution is meticulously crafted to ensure optimal results and maximum return on investment.


Organic process

From content creation to graphic design, our experts work closely together to ensure VIA Rail’s business objectives are perfectly aligned with the needs of its clientele. By adapting to the reality of their respective disciplines, each expert assures the quality of the digital solution throughout the entire process.


From support to hosting

The entire VIA Rail ecosystem is hosted and managed, day and night, by our team of specialists.


Ongoing web metrics

Our web metrics team is constantly analyzing the various elements of VIA Rail’s ecosystem. These reports are put to good use by our team of strategists in formulating recommendations for possible updates and enhancements.

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