Tink Is a Digital Advisor Authorized by the CDAP

May 29, 2023
Canadian digital adoption program

Good news! We're on the official list of digital advisors authorized by the federal government for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

This allows us to help eligible SMEs improve their digital technologies.

What is CDAP?

To encourage Canadian enterprises to adopt a digital plan, the federal government issues grants of up to $15,000. The granted amount can be used only to pay the costs associated to the development of the plan.

Why develop a digital adoption plan?

For many reasons! Some enterprises might want to enhance their online presence or sales, while others can aim to reduce the operating costs with automation or robotization. Starting a digital transformation can ensure the continued existence and performance of an SME.

How can we help the enterprises?

We have collaborated with local enterprises for more than 25 years to develop digital plans and strategies. We know that the most important step towards a successful digital transformation is planning. Our four-step process leads to the production of a clear, quantitative roadmap tailored to every SME's specific needs.

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