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Brunet sans tabous

Get talking with Brunet

Brunet recently launched its “MaSanté sans tabous” podcast. The podcast episodes are the first of their kind in pharmaceutical industry in Québec. The idea behind the podcast wa [...]

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Nouveau site corporatif de VIA Rail

A new visual identity and positioning for VIA Rail’s corporate website

One year ago, VIA Rail launched a new brand platform and tagline, Love the Way, which reinforces its role as the unifying Canadian leader of sustainable, enjoyable and safe mobility. VIA Rail has now launched its new corporate website About VIA. The redesign of the corporate website illustrates VIA Rail’s desire to create a vibrant and engaging platform to display its content, while continually showcasing the organization’s progress and [...]

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Rethinking our relationship with the environment with the Fond de solidarité FTQ’s eco-profile.

From strategy to content writing, graphic design and solutions development to implementation, Tink, digital partner of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, was entrusted to design the organization’s most recent initiative - é As a part of its ongoing Épargne positive campaign, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ recently launched a brand new initiative - a digital platform that gives users the chance to evaluate t [...]

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