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A new beginning for BKOM Studios


2018 marks a new beginning for our Quebec City team. On April 30, Tink sold BKOM Studios to its two top Quebec City executives: Frédéric Martin, Vice-President, Strategy and General Manager, and Marie-Hélène Boivin, Vice-President, Operations. Local investors were also involved in the transaction.

When BMG Multimedia (later BKOM Studios) was acquired in 2008, both offices  had a common offering and customer base. Over the years, BKOM Studios had the opportunity to work with many U.S. clients (Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, etc.) in the field of gaming and web-connected toys. As a result of these collaborations, the office specialized in this area of expertise.

Today, BKOM Studios has more than 80 employees and executes mandates for a clientele that’s 95% American and European.

Following this growth and the desire to tackle new projects, we are delighted to support Frédéric Martin and Marie-Hélène Boivin in the pursuit of their entrepreneurial dream. We wish them much success with their future projects.

Jocelyn Couture
Jocelyn Couture
President & Chief Executive Officer
T 514 866-0995