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Active Health Challenge

Brunet launches the Active Health Challenge interactive tool


Montreal, May 24, 2016 – What if a new technological tool could help Quebecers better manage their health? That is exactly what Brunet’s new Active Health Challenge tool is intended to do.

Conceived, designed, and developed by digital agency Tink, the tool will provide Brunet’s clients with a personalized approach to help them live a healthier life. Users can rely on a unique and playful tool that will create a health link between their lifestyle habits and their health objectives. Produced in collaboration with Capsana, a Quebec company dedicated to promoting health and healthy lifestyles, the Active Health Challenge is available for free on Brunet’s website as well as the MonBrunet application. The tool’s launch will be supported by an ad campaign created by Publicis.

“At Brunet, we believe that health is holistic and does not only depend on medication. In order to stand out and create a stronger ‘health link’ with our clients, we are focusing on prevention. The Active Health Challenge is designed for people with active or sedentary lifestyles. It is part our new communications platform and reinforces our health-centred position that has guided us for the past 160 years,” said Luc Martinovitch, Vice-President and General Manager of McMahon Distributeur Pharmaceutique Inc.

A positive and personalized support

The Active Health Challenge provides a 360-degree view of the user’s health profile through simple and direct actions. The user fills out a questionnaire containing 17 multiple-choice questions that are based on Brunet’s pillars of health (physical health, mental health, and diet). The user then obtains a health score in the form of a percentage and will be able to compare their results with the other participants’ overall average. After delivering the results, the tool will then provide a personalized dashboard as well as challenges and tips to improve the user’s health.

Staying motivated by having fun

The user experience was at the heart of the creation process during the development phase of this evolutionary interactive tool. Thanks to its playful platform, the Active Health Challenge will motivate users to stay in shape throughout the year. They will receive messages of encouragement and will be able to access a dashboard that shows them how much progress they’ve made. The users will also be able to take on sports challenges with other players and share their score on social media.

“Brunet’s Active Health Challenge is an ally, a health coach. A caring coach who is accessible (available anywhere, anytime), who understands and respects us. He is rigorous, efficient, and makes sure to remind us of the importance of staying in shape. Brunet’s new interactive tool is also encouraging, generous, positive and allows us to see how much we’ve progressed and how important it is for us to maintain an active lifestyle,” said Denis Martel, strategist at Tink.

Focusing on innovation to raise awareness

The Active Health Challenge supports the Active Health campaign launched in the fall of 2015. Its goal was to help Brunet enhance its digital ecosystem around the theme of health year-round. Eager to offer an authentic experience, the Active Health Challenge questionnaire algorithm was developed by health professionals at Capsana. The questionnaire’s content will also be personalized throughout the year and will feature progressive challenges.

About Brunet
Founded in 1855, Brunet's mission is to provide the more personalized advices and services in health and wellness to Quebecers. The company continues its development by improving continually its products and services. Brunet is owned by McMahon Distributeur Pharmaceutique Inc., subsidiary of Metro Richelieu inc. McMahon operates a network of nearly 200 pharmaceutical stores under the banner of Brunet, Brunet Plus, Brunet Clinique and Clini Plus and employs nearly 3,000 people.

About Tink
For the past 20 years, Tink has been pushing the limits of the digital world. Our creative capacity and technological roots allow us to imagine, design, and deploy full-scale web and mobile solutions that are adapted to business needs. From strategy to execution, with a focus on marketing, 24/7 customer service, and hosting services, we collaborate with our clients to develop and grow reliable and profitable digital ecosystems.