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Lebeau Vitres d’autos and Speedy Glass make it easier to book an appointment online


A Canadian leader in automotive glass replacement, repair, and distribution, Belron Canada has launched a new tool that provides cost estimates and allows clients to schedule an appointment online in any one of 90 Lebeau service centres in Quebec and 200 Speedy Glass service centres in Canada.

Through its and websites, Belron Canada now offers drivers who need to repair or replace their windshield an integrated tool to schedule appointments. As their digital partner, Tink has supported the company in the design and implementation of this innovative feature. Drivers who want to repair or replace their damaged windshield will now be able to easily schedule an appointment.

An optimized experience

Springtime is a busy period for windshield repairs and Belron Canada is enhancing its service offering by personalizing and improving the online process for scheduling an appointment on any device.

The new responsive design tool features intuitive visuals to optimize the experience, whether the user is using a computer or a smartphone. A geo-tracking feature also allows the user to see what time slots are available in nearby service centres. The company’s entire supply chain, from ordering parts to time management, is now automated.

Simplifying drivers’ lives

In addition to this new tool, consumers can now access an online chat service with Lebeau Vitres d’autos and Speedy Glass advisers who can directly answer any question.

“People are busy and we need to adapt to our clients’ needs. Their satisfaction and improving our efficiency are our top priorities,” said Sylvie Leduc, Vice-President of Brand and Customer Promise. “Our new tools to schedule appointments online, get cost estimates, and access a chat service make our services more accessible, efficient, and personalized. We want to make drivers’ lives easier,” added Bruno Carignan, Vice-President, Digital and Information Technology at Belron Canada.

“The entire user path and client contact points were conceived and analyzed with Belron’s teams. The goal was to implement an innovative and relevant technological process by working closely with the marketing and IT teams,” said Jocelyn Couture, President and CEO of Tink.

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Speedy Glass - Tink

Video credits: DentsuBos, Cinélande

About Tink 

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About Belron Canada 

With more than 350 service centres, 40 distribution/warehouse centres and over 1800 employees in all 10 provinces, Belron® Canada guarantees its customers local service. This national presence ensures service centres have ready access to supplies. With its pan-Canadian network, unique skills, strict safety standards, personalized service, latest technology and complete training program, Belron® Canada stands out from the rest. The training program, given by Belron® Group certified experts, is taken by all our technicians, who are then trained to use the latest tools exclusively developed by Belron® Group technical teams with their own dedicated training programs.