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Brunet sans tabous

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Brunet recently launched its “MaSanté sans tabous” podcast. The podcast episodes are the first of their kind in pharmaceutical industry in Québec. The idea behind the podcast was twofold: develop informative content for the audience and communicate the important role pharmacists play in the healthcare sector.  

This initiative was a first for both Brunet and Tink. As Brunet’s trusted Web agency, Tink was responsible for the content strategy for each episode, managing recordings and developing a brand image for the podcasts.

Hosted by TV and radio personality Annie-Soleil Proteau, the podcast features animated, candid talks on various topics with owner-pharmacists affiliated with Brunet. Each episode touches on a health-related topic; quitting smoking and vaping, sexual dysfunction, embarrassing health issues, insomnia, cannabis, seasonal allergies and more.

The podcasts are broadcast every two weeks on the Brunet website. Listeners can also find the podcasts on Spotify, Apple podcasts and Google podcasts.

The goal of the podcast is to give Brunet the chance to affirm its commitment to providing exceptional customer service. It also aims to reposition the brand to a focus on the expertise of its pharmacists and the patient-pharmacist relationship.

“Because this was a new initiative for both Tink and Brunet, the whole team was very enthusiastic!  Podcasts proved to be the best medium of communication to support the global brand strategy because the discussions between the host and pharmacists are compassionate and they put people first.”

Marie-Anne Larochelle, Digital Content Strategist (Tink)


Credits :

  • Diane Gosselin, artistic director
  • Josianne Bossé, web designer
  • Tamara Maggio, project manager
  • Nadia Roca, director of consulting services
  • Martin Proteau, director of digital strategy, experience and customer intelligence
  • Denis Martel, special collaborator, strategy and project realization
  • Marie-Anne Larochelle, content strategist
  • Mathilde Mercier, editorial management advisor
  • Malika Mdahoma, SEO advisor
  • Vincent Prince Guay, cybermetrics advisor
Laura Heid
Laura Heid
Coordinatrice services-conseils
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