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Service Financier

How customer experience is changing the face of banking and financial services

Banks and other financial services know they won’t be immune to the transformations brought on by new technology. It’s only a matter of time until the Netflix or the Uber of the financial world starts the ball rolling. The number of people who prefer to do business online is growing at a fast pace and for some, mobility is a key factor in their decision-making process. This change in habits gave rise to the first digital banks, such as Simple [...]

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Service CX

Embracing digital technology to enhance customer experience (CX)

Emerging technology has revolutionized our purchasing habits. It limits the number of intermediaries involved and dematerializes the whole buying process. We went from brick and mortar to E-commerce, showrooming and marketplaces. Big disruptors like Airbnb, Netflix and Amazon have altered our expectations when it comes to service. Those expectations are now higher than ever and continue to grow. And if you take a closer look at what these trailblazers have in common, their ongoing success can [...]

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Utilize CX for Mobility and Public Transportation

In the mobility and public transport sector, delivering efficient and profitable customer experience presents its own set of challenges. There are many important elements to consider in the passenger experience, from being able to plan trips (often intermodal) in advance to verifying the availability of a service in real-time, or using adapted transportation if a person’s physical condition requires it. This means that at every stage of the traveller’s journey, organizations have to inves [...]

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