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BKOM Studios - Tink

A new beginning for BKOM Studios

2018 marks a new beginning for our Quebec City team. On April 30, Tink sold BKOM Studios to its two top Quebec City executives: Frédéric Martin, Vice-President, Strategy and General Manager, and Marie-Hélène Boivin, Vice-President, Operations. Local investors were also involved in the transaction. When BMG Multimedia (later BKOM Studios) was acquired in 2008, both offices  had a common offering and customer base. Over the years, BK [...]

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Belron - Tink

Lebeau Vitres d’autos and Speedy Glass make it easier to book an appointment online

A Canadian leader in automotive glass replacement, repair, and distribution, Belron Canada has launched a new tool that provides cost estimates and allows clients to schedule an appointment online in any one of 90 Lebeau service centres in Quebec and 200 Speedy Glass service centres in Canada. Through its and websites, Belron Canada now [...]

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Via Rail - Why don’t you take the train ?

VIA Rail enhances its digital experience

As part of its “Why don’t you take the train?” campaign launched today, VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) has implemented a communications strategy aimed at changing commuter habits. The objective of this campaign is to let them know about the advantages of taking the train and to encourage drivers to use this form of transportation. To support VIA Rail in the digital facet of its campaign [...]

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