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Fonds de solidarité FTQ Helping savers plan for the financial stages of life with digital advice.


Notable information:

+35% use of calculator tools
+70% mobile users
+40% RRSP enrollments

A project that is part of a larger user experience transformation

There are many challenges in today’s financial climate: the financial literacy of Quebecers, the changing industry, failing confidence in the traditional banking model, etc.


  • Increase awareness about the Fonds and make its mission known
  • Support savers from the Fonds in their various stages of life
  • Position the Fonds’ RRSP+ as an excellent savings vehicle for both young  and old savers
  • Attract new savers
  • Maximize the number and amount of contributions

Inherent challenges with a heterogenous target

Tink developed tools for Quebec savers and endeavoured to support the Fonds in achieving its objectives. It also emphasized informational and educational content that popularizes information and simplifies understanding.

Life stages were an integral part of the content

Knowing that savers look to the Fonds for support at specific stages in life such as purchasing their first home, a return to school, retirement planning, etc., the site offers a personalized experience based on geographic location, browsing behaviour and user origin.  

The content was created in collaboration with the team at the Fonds to better address any questions, concerns and realities faced by Fonds savers


Redefining brand image

At the time of site design, the Fonds was in the process of redefining its corporate identity. The creative work was achieved by bringing together the previously established objectives and the Fonds’ existing brand image. This was a challenge in terms of design, which was completed successfully. 

Features that allowed the site to evolve

The site was designed according to the principles of atomic design so that the Fonds could modify it according to its needs and create landing pages easily as part of its campaigns.

At the same time, all content was adapted and optimized for mobile users so savers would have an intuitive experience. The site also meets rigorous accessibility standards, is an AA site, and is adapted to several types of screens, up to 4K.

creation image


Team effort


The site was developed in collaboration with the teams at the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Nexio. The combined strengths of these 3 teams allowed us to maximize the use of Sitecore’s features.


Personalization and cybermetrics for savers

The site design work was completed in collaboration with the cybermetrics team, not only to validate certain hypotheses related to content and user experience, but also to closely monitor the effectiveness of customization, and to ensure that all relevant conversions were measured. The Fonds’ business intelligence team uses these conversions for their purposes. Ultimately, this is a way to create content that is even more relevant for our client and their customers…