Season Two of Brunet’s MaSanté Sans Tabous Podcast Is Online

February 12, 2021

You can now listen to the second season of Brunet’s MaSanté sans tabous, the first podcast in Quebec to explore the world of pharmacies. Once again this season, the goal was to share informative content and, above all, educate listeners on the importance of pharmacists and the extent of their responsibilities. In the current pandemic, this mission is more important than ever.

For Tink, season two was an opportunity to continue to offer our clients and target audiences relevant, quality content, namely by doing the following:

  • Analyzing search trends to optimize the episode topics and release schedule
  • Managing the editorial and logistical planning and coordination of content production for each episode
  • Working in harmony with our partners: QuB (production and post-production), Touché! (promotion), and TUX (visual brand alignment)
One of the first episodes of season two open a new window is about the flu and its symptoms.

Podcast creator Annie-Soleil Proteau had a lot of success with her first 14 episodes. This season, the TV and radio host speaks with a number of Brunet’s affiliated pharmacist-owners, bringing us friendly and unfiltered discussions on subjects as varied as cannabis, pain management, the flu and its symptoms, and anxiety disorders.

Our health is so important, but we sometimes take it for granted, says Annie-Soleil. We don’t realize how precious it is until we lose it.

This second season has allowed Brunet to not only reaffirm its desire to be the go-to frontline service for its customers, but also reaffirm that the expertise of its pharmacists and the pharmacist-customer relationship are at the heart of its brand.

Communication, Marketing and Social Media Counselor