Data Science and Customer Intelligence

Where there’s digital, there’s data!

You have goals to meet. Our job is to measure, analyse and explain your results. At Tink, every project, big or small, revolves around customer intelligence, data management, and performance measurement and optimization. You’ll never have trouble proving the success of your digital investments again.


Our Goal

Demonstrate reliability to help you get the most out of your digital data and make the right moves.

Whether the focus is your website, your e-commerce platform, your mobile applications, or your various forms of digital communications, you can count on our web analytics specialists and SEO strategists to shrewdly analyze the data, implement your tailored strategies, and show you everything that can be gleaned from your digital information.

And if you’ve always wanted a 360-degree customer view, we’d be happy to help you achieve it.

Our Services

Analytics, Performance Measurement and Optimization

  • Analytics audit (Google Analytics and others)
  • Implementation of measurement tools
  • Use and enhancement of data
  • Performance analysis of touchpoints and digital campaigns
  • Dashboards, findings reports, and recommendations

Data Strategy and Customer Knowledge

  • Data environment audit
  • Data quality analysis
  • Data collection and insight strategy
  • 360-degree customer view with CDP (Customer Data Platform)
  • Lead generation and nurturing strategy
  • Data modelling and behavioural segmentation
  • Personalization and digital relationship marketing strategy
  • Guidance in choice of platform and/or analysis and trigger marketing tools
  • Definition of performance indicators and prediction of results

Search engine optimization (SEO) and audit

  • Positioning and keyword analysis
  • Organic traffic analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Editorial analysis
  • Off-page analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • SEO recommendations related to content creation

3 Key Benefits


When it comes to data, Tink’s experts ensure that the business objective is consistent with the measured result.


Numbers can be made to say whatever you want them to say. That’s why our experts always include context and perspective in their analyses to ensure the insights and conclusions are as objective as possible.


Data accuracy is always a primary concern, from implementation to performance analysis. That’s why we have rigorous quality assurance protocols to promote data reliability. After all, when the data is wrong, it can lead to the wrong decisions.