Our environmental, social,
and governance (ESG) commitments

Committed to sustainable development, we take action to reduce our environmental footprint (E), contribute positively to society (S), and ensure sound governance (G) within our company.

Discover the ESG goals and initiatives we have implemented for the coming years.

Committed to the environment

Let's be frank: the digital world can have a significant impact on the environment. It is therefore important to implement measures to concretely reduce our environmental footprint and to partner with those who want to do the same!

Our action plan

Our environmental initiatives are based on three main pillars:


We apply ecodesign principles and practices in all our projects, in addition to training our entire team to familiarize themselves with this approach. Our goal? Create less energy-consuming websites while optimizing the user experience and maintaining the same level of performance!

Learn more about our ecodesign approach

End-of-life electronic product management

We minimize the need for equipment renewal through the proper management of our IT infrastructure. We also seek to collaborate with eco-responsible Quebec suppliers, recognized for their end-of-life electronic product management.

Data centers

We integrate environmental considerations as much as possible into the selection of our data centers.

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Our Green Squad

Established in 2019, our Green Squad brings together some of our Tinkers who, like us, want to implement initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, change habits, and promote eco-responsible behavior during our activities.

Escouade verteEscouade verte
Escouade verte Escouade verte

The initiatives implemented by our Green Squad in 2023

  • Elimination of single-use plastic: We replaced disposable plastic utensils with reusable steel utensils. We also use compostable plates, utensils, and glasses.
  • Waste reduction: The number of black bins in the office has been reduced, and recycling bins have been reorganized. A clearly defined area for compost, recycling, and trash has been emphasized, with clear instructions to dispose of the right waste in the right bin.
  • Can recycling: Beer during our 5@7 events is now exclusively served in easily recyclable cans.
  • Cleaning products: We use only biodegradable cleaning products in the office.
  • Event organization: We involve the Green Squad in organizing our events and activities to implement good eco-responsible practices.
  • Office layout: We reused several materials, such as screens, tables, and structures, during the reconfiguration of our office spaces.
  • Education: The Green Squad raises awareness and informs colleagues by offering eco-responsible tips and tricks every month in our internal newsletter.

More projects are on the way!

Always eager to do better, our Green Squad is currently working on new initiatives coming soon! A program for recycling old batteries will be implemented in the office to allow our team to dispose of them in an eco-responsible manner.

Stay tuned for our upcoming environmental initiatives in the coming months!

Our commitment to society

At work as in life, we make it a point of honor to promote well-being, health, safety, and inclusion, while continuing to engage in causes that are close to our hearts. Because we all have a role to play in positively transforming society!

Our action plan

Here are the three main issues that guide our social involvement:


Health, safety, and well-being at work: We have established a health and safety committee within our organization. Our anti-harassment policy has also been reviewed, and awareness workshops on the subject are planned for our entire team..


Equity, diversity, and inclusion: Reducing social inequalities is a fundamental value for us. That's why we implement internal policies to promote equity, inclusion, and diversity among our collaborators.


Community engagement: Our commitment to the community is deeply rooted in our DNA. We are proud to engage each year in causes that are dear to us by supporting foundations and organizations such as the Parkinson's Bike Challenge, Leucan, Breakfast Club, CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, Tel-Jeunes, Centraide, and Moisson Montréal.

An assistance and support program for our employees

Recently enhanced, our Employee Assistance and Support Program (EASP) provides immediate and confidential support to all members of our staff who may need it. Whether it's concerns related to work, health, or personal life, the EASP offers all the necessary resources to support our employees and their families.

This enriched assistance program includes online support, a 24/7 accessible phone number, and a portal containing a wealth of tools and information about the various assistance programs available.

Learn more about our social benefits

Committed to sound governance

Ensuring sound governance within our organization involves adopting responsible behaviors regarding marketing and the protection/security of personal data. We believe that by demonstrating leadership in our decision-making, we will be able to implement better practices in our industry!

Our action plan

Here are the 3 main pillars of our governance:


Responsible marketing: We seek to raise awareness among all project stakeholders about sustainable development issues and to implement controls against greenwashing in our communication and marketing activities.


Cybersecurity: We frequently update our policies to continually strengthen the level of protection, security, and confidentiality of personal information for our employees and users of digital platforms developed for our clientele. We have also implemented periodic testing mechanisms, based in particular on the principles of Law 25 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to enhance our cybersecurity procedures and counter data breaches.


Transparency: It's not just about making decisions and showing leadership; it's also essential to document, measure, and clearly communicate the various actions taken so that everyone is on the same page.