5 SEO trends to keep in mind

November 8, 2021

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1.    The page experience update is finally complete

In early September, Google announced that it had finished rolling out its page experience update, which was launched on june 15. Pour rappel, «Page Experience » To recap, as part of the page experience rollout, Google’s algorithm will now take Core Web Vitals into account.
A few weeks later,Sistrix conducted a study to assess how this update has affected SEO. It found that there have been few major changes, with minimal benefit to certain sites only. It remains to be seen whether the impacts will be more significant in the coming months.

2.    Change to recipe results display on the SERP

Google is still working on its user interface and has published several updates in recent weeks. Following the page experience update, the company made a small change to the way recipe search results are displayed.
Thumbnail images now appear to the right of the search results (they were previously on the left). We’ll have to wait and see whether this has an impact on the CTR (click-through rate). More details here


5 nouvelles SEO à connaître


3.    Search On 2021: Google announcements to remember  

As part of its Search On 2021 event, which was broadcast live via Twitter on September 29, Google shared some of its search engine’s new features. Here’s a recap of the announcements made during the event:  

  • As previously mentioned here, (in French only), MUM (Multitask Unified Model)—the AI model already in use within its search engine—will be more fully integrated with the rest of the Google ecosystem, including YouTube and Google Images.
  • Shopping just got easier thanks to Google Lens: now, you can buy products you see in images online or in photos saved on your cell phone in just a few clicks, without leaving the Google app. Read more here.
  • The “About this result” box will be expanded to include more context about a website’s information sources before you visit it (including the site’s description, sources, feature articles, etc.).
  • Certain searches will display larger images on the results page to make it easier to find visual inspiration. This new visual results page is only available for inspiration-related searches, such as “Christmas decorating ideas.” Find out more here.


5 nouvelles SEO à connaître


4.    Indented search results are back

Google is bringing back indented search results, a feature it had several years ago in which the results page displays several links from the same site, with secondary results indented to the right. Here is an example:


5 nouvelles SEO à connaître


5.    Change of meta titles

In a recent update, Google announced that a site’s title tags may be generated automatically. If you’ve already worked hard to include main keywords in your tags in order to attract users, don’t panic! Google may replace poorly optimized titles on the results page with your H1 if it considers it to be more relevant. 

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Malika Mdahoma
SEO Counselor