Branding evolution: Redesigning Tink’s visual identity.

June 17, 2021

Tink’s new website went live a few days ago. We didn’t just make a few tweaks—we gave a complete overhaul. The talented Emilie Valcourt, head of digital experience creation, and her team deftly guided this shift in our visual identity. Our main objective? To reposition our image and website so they would truly reflect who we are.

An image to keep pace as our company evolves

Tink is a leading Quebec-based agency. Over the last 25 years, we’ve achieved the balance between knowledge and creativity, offering solid technical foundations alongside a first-class creative team. That’s exactly what we wanted our new brand identity to express.

Before starting on the redesign of, we got together to identify what it was about our old site that we felt wasn’t working anymore. We all agreed that the old image no longer reflected Tink’s values and passion. Our graphics standards guide limited our colour palette, we didn’t have adequate visuals to illustrate our communications, and we were especially lacking in photos of the team.

It was time we created a distinctive, elegant, functional, and innovative image that would also instil trust and credibility. We wanted to build a strong voice and brand identity that would resonate with our clients and demonstrate our creativity and versatility.

Image de marque tink before the overhaul

A new website to do us proud

We started by developing a new design system, which will be applied to all of our communication tools:

●    A brand-new colour palette to spice up our visual content
●    Striking contemporary typography with a rounded font
●    Fun, unique, and colourful visuals

After weeks of hard work, has a completely new look. We created a dynamic, inspiring platform with engaging content that highlights our latest projects and achievements. Its features include the following:
●    A new, more dynamic, and more streamlined brand image
●    A cleaner design that showcases the human side of things—the people who form the heart and soul of our company
●    A clear, straightforward Services page that reflects the evolving industry and our ability to continually adapt
●    Greater emphasis on our expert team members and a new Insights section with visual content in line with our new identity
●    An improved About Us section with a streamlined design to more clearly reflect our corporate values, culture, history, and expertise

Image de marque tink
A new visual identity, lighter and engaging

Our new website capitalizes on the same mastery of experience design that fuels every unique and memorable digital experience we create for our clients. Thanks to our creative team’s proficiency in digital ergonomics and understanding of human behaviour, has become a more engaging, positive platform that puts our teams and their expertise at the forefront.

Long live the new!

Artistic Director