Tink Joins 80 Independent Professional Services Firms To Actively Contribute to Quebec’s Economic Recovery

June 19, 2020

With the end of lockdown and gradual resumption of activities on the horizon, 80 Quebec-owned firms have joined forces to showcase their expertise to Quebec decision-makers, who will be making key decisions in the coming weeks—a period crucial to the firms’ sustainability. This interdisciplinary and multisectoral group, the Regroupement des firmes de services professionnels indépendantes (RFSPI), is launching a B2B services portal, open a new window. They hope to use the site to boost their contribution to the local economy, all while promoting and fostering entrepreneurship in the province’s professional services sector.

Quebec-owned and -operated independent professional services firms are an essential part of the local economy. They employ more than 127,000 people in organizations of 10 people or more, and provide close to $12 billion in services annually in Quebec1.

In addition to establishing the B2B services portal, the RFSPI aims to encourage the government and major institutions to consider and recognize the key role of independent Quebec firms in accelerating economic and business recovery.

With this in mind, Tink has decided to join the RFSPI and contribute to the collective effort.

« Right now, it’s important that we join forces to revive the Quebec economy. Professional services are essential to Quebec’s economic growth and sustainability. At Tink, we want to play an active role in the province’s economic revitalization and support our local decision-makers. »
Jocelyn Couture, President and founder of Tink

About the RFSPI

Bringing together 80 independent professional services firms in accounting, public relations, communications, management, advertising, operations, recruitment, technology, human resources, law, and strategy, the RFSPI aims to play a leading role in Quebec’s economic recovery. The RFSPI is a strong, unifying voice for the Quebec-owned and -operated professional services sector. For more information: open a new window

1Source : Overview of the Quebec professional services sector prepared by Indicia.back to article

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