Employee Profile - Benjamin Siaud, Consulting Services Manager

December 20, 2023
Benjamin Siaud

Benefiting from dual expertise in operational marketing and business development, Benjamin Siaud joined the ranks of our Consulting Services team in October 2021, to take charge of several key accounts within our organization. Let's discover together what his daily life looks like as a Consulting Services Manager (CSM)!

In a few words, how would you describe your position and your daily routine?

My daily routine is so varied that I don't really have a typical day! I find that I have very diversified and stimulating functions because my role requires me to take care of both account management and business development.

As a CSM, I am generally the first point of contact between companies with digital needs and Tink. I must ensure that I understand the business reality of these companies so that Tink can best meet their needs and business objectives using digital solutions. The profitability of our clients is important to us, which drives us to act as a true partner that influences growth. That's why I have to work with clients to help plan the execution of their digital strategic planning. Afterwards, I ensure that everything goes as planned and that we stay on course to achieve the objectives.

I act as an advisor on digital trends or best practices for our clients, with a focus on continually providing them with real added value. I also actively participate in the agency's business development to increase our presence in the Quebec market and provide our expertise to as many companies as possible.

In short, my position requires a lot of interaction with different people on a daily basis. And it's something that I really enjoy! I benefit from everyone's expertise, which allows me to learn and continually progress.

According to you, what are the skills and qualities that a person must demonstrate to occupy a position like yours?

We work every day with such different clients, each with distinct objectives and realities. Therefore, it is necessary to have a great ability to adapt, good listening skills, the ability to translate expectations into an action plan, and leadership to guide internal teams within a project. Empathy is another important skill to have, as my role sometimes involves putting myself in the shoes of clients (and colleagues) to better understand their reality.

In terms of know-how, I would say that effective communication is an important asset for working in advisory services. One must also demonstrate social skills and not be afraid to call clients to discuss with them. Being able to take risks and assume responsibilities is also very important. And since Tink operates in all aspects of digital, it is necessary to develop a good understanding of the digital world as a whole to be able to follow all stages of a project, regardless of the department we are working with (marketing, IT, sales, etc.). However, one of the advantages of my job is that I can also rely on the expertise, skills, and knowledge of my colleagues internally to advance projects. Personally, I think I have a great role!

What have you learned during your years at Tink?

Since I joined the team, I have had the opportunity to work with experts in several fields and to work on complex and large-scale projects alongside leaders in their industry. All these projects have eventually provided me with a lot of knowledge and expertise over time, especially in the area of technologies and web development. I am now better able to understand the impact of different technologies on profitability, business objectives, and the organizational or operational capabilities of companies.

Furthermore, evolving with long-standing clients has allowed me to develop and maintain strong, lasting relationships. We work as true business partners to explore the realm of possibilities, which is always very instructive!

What do you like about Tink, and what makes you stay?

My answer won't be very original, I know, but I have to say that I really love my colleagues! The management and the executives also play a very important role by getting involved and supporting the teams on a daily basis. Thus, I never feel alone because I know I have a competent team behind me whom I can count on!

I am also very happy to be able to maintain my autonomy thanks to a flexible schedule that allows me to be free in my schedule. It is therefore easy for me to balance my work life and my family life. And if I haven't taken a vacation in a while, my management doesn't hesitate to tell me and encourages me to take some rest. In other words, despite its growth, Tink has managed to maintain a very human side and a great spirit of closeness. We are offered a good balance, where we enjoy both the advantages of large companies and those of small companies.

Growing at Tink means working in a company that is sailing smoothly, and it is always very rewarding for me to contribute to the next chapters of its history!

What is your greatest professional achievement?

I dare to believe in projects that others do not believe in. I love pushing myself and looking further to uncover new business partnerships. The past few years have been very prolific, and I hope it continues this way!

But, upon reflection, I believe my greatest accomplishment is when clients are satisfied at the end of a project. When I hear "Thank you, Benjamin," I know that I have managed to make a positive impact. Yes, it's cliché, but that's what brings me the greatest satisfaction in the end!

How would you describe the working atmosphere at Tink?

In just over 2 years at Tink, I have always received help when I have asked for it. Everyone is involved and no one ever drags their feet! It is a very cooperative and positive environment, where all roles and functions are complementary. This is reflected in the quality of the projects we deliver. Moreover, as a director of consulting services, it is very rewarding for me to see how much all the Tinkers enjoy working with new clients and taking on new challenges. With each new project, I feel a bit like a father bringing gifts for his children!

For you, working at Tink means having the opportunity to...?

It's about being able to work alongside experts in their field and to work on large-scale projects with clients who have significant challenges to overcome! Every day, I have the opportunity to evolve in a healthy work environment and to interact with a clientele that shares the same values as us. Indeed, our company culture is reflected in all our clients, and it is a real pleasure for me to work in such a beautiful synergy!

What advice would you give to future employees in your field?

Dare! Do not be afraid to make decisions and assert your ideas. Take advantage of every exchange to drink in the expertise of your colleagues. Be attentive to your clients and learn to anticipate potential problems that may arise during a project in order to be able to avoid them.

Finally, I would say not to take everything too seriously (after all, we're not saving lives!) It is important to take a step back and put things into perspective in certain situations. This way, you will always remain confident and in control!