Tink is participating in the digital modernization of the Institute of Financial Planning

January 11, 2024

Since 1989, the Institute of Financial Planning has been awarding financial planner diplomas and providing training content to its graduates across Quebec.

As part of its digital modernization and strategic planning for 2022-2025, the Institute is currently undergoing a major overhaul of its digital ecosystem to increase online attraction, retention, and conversion by simplifying the online customer experience. The organization aims to highlight its online training programs, enhance its brand image, and promote user engagement.

The Institute of Financial Planning has chosen the expertise of our team to accompany them through the various stages of this digital transformation. Thus, we recently initiated the project by conducting an assessment of the digital environment, a competitive analysis, and a digital audit report with recommendations for refining personas and improving customer journeys on the website.

With such a strategic portion already underway, our team is fully prepared to undertake the next phases of the project!

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