News gets a makeover!

June 3, 2021

We’re delighted to unveil Tink’s new website, which comes just a few months after the company’s 25th anniversary. We did much more than freshen up the visual components: to best reflect Tink’s (continuous) transformation, we gave the site a complete overhaul, both in terms of its content and design.

A new brand image

Thanks to our experience creation team’s collaborative thinking and hard work, we now have a brand image that better reflects the company’s values and vitality.

« We’ve given it a more vibrant colour palette, rounder and more assertive typography, and colourful iconography. It feels distinct, elegant, functional, and innovative but also conveys credibility and trust.The new site has been streamlined. We wanted to highlight our achievements, but our colleagues as well, because Tink is above all a team of passionate experts. »

Diane Gosselin, Art Director.
The user experience has also been improved to provide clear, intuitive navigation.


Nouveau site Tink

Tink’s main strength: Its teams

For 25 years, Tink’s success has rested on the talent, compassion, and commitment of its teams. Considering the pandemic, the year 2020 has, perhaps more than any other, confirmed how strong our 110 colleagues truly are. In a challenging situation, they continued to uphold our corporate values.

« Tink’s biggest source of pride is its teams. That’s why we decided to give them a central place on our new site. Above all, Tinkers are great people, so we chose to represent them honestly by featuring photos of them at home—their workplace since last March. But they’re also experts in their field who have things to say. So, we created an Insights section where everyone can share their thoughts on the industry, new digital trends, and changing technologies. »

Jocelyn Couture, President of Tink

Nouveau site Tink


A complete, client-focused service offering

The website’s overhaul led to significant changes to the company’s storefront, namely by bringing Tink’s integrated services to the foreground:

« The new site better reflects the evolution of our comprehensive service offering. Today, we can help organizations in all areas of the digital realm, whether they need a digital strategy, content creation, web development, analytics, production, or marketing support. We make sure to continuously enrich our offering with new digital technologies and practices. »

Michel Couture, Vice-President of Digital Strategy and Planning


Nouveau site Tink


Tink has always worked hard to build relationships of trust with its clients and partners, which is why all our services are explained in detail on our new website. Our goal is to support our clients’ business objectives and bring value to their organization.

« We want to make our clients’ lives easier by being attentive to their needs and providing skills that complement their own. That’s how we work. At Tink, we believe that clients shouldn’t have to seek out different partners to get the digital services they require. We work with organizations to provide a simple, turnkey service offering every day. When they succeed, so do we! »

Antoine Desjardins, Vice-President of Consulting Services.

We’ve updated our Projects section, which showcases the recent work we’ve done for numerous clients.


Nouveau site Tink


Telling our story

Tink is one of the largest independent agencies in Quebec. It was created 25 years ago, when the digital industry was still in its infancy. To understand who we are, it’s important that you know the story behind Tink. Our history, values, corporate culture, and teams are what make up our identity. The About Us section has been extensively revised to better convey who we are today.
Tink is a compassionate, attentive company where digital experts can thrive. To better communicate these values to potential candidates interested in joining our amazing team, we’ve also updated our Careers section.


Nouveau site Tink

We’re so proud of our new website and encourage you to browse it at your leisure! If you have any questions or project proposals, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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