An Improved Look for RESISTO’s Website

February 26, 2019

In partnership with Tink, RESISTO open a new window has modernized its online platform. The comprehensive redesign of the company’s Canadian and American websites targets the needs of construction professionals and homeowners/do-it-yourselfers. RESISTO, a division of SOPREMA, is a renowned international company that specializes in the retail sale of residential construction and renovation products.

The new Canadian and American websites have a more refined design and can better guide users when it comes to discovering, selecting and using the company’s products. To secure its positioning on the market and drive the brand from a classic product catalog to a world reference in the field of residential construction, RESISTO developed a detailed and more extensive content strategy, which will be gradually deployed over the next few weeks.

«With this redesign, we aim at becoming leaders in our industry. We also wish to mature as a reputable source of information for visitors and to be able to provide useful tools to simplify their shopping experience. All that, by providing optimized search engines, blog articles, product manuals, calculators – and many tools and resources to support our customers in their construction projects.»
Émilie Gagné-Prud’homme, Marketing Director for SOPREMA


Established in 1996, RESISTO, a division of SOPREMA, specializes in the manufacturing of renovation and construction products for residential and commercial buildings. Whether it’s for waterproofing, insulation or maintenance, RESISTO offers professional-quality, easy-to-install, accessible products, and solutions.

Each year, thousands of contractors and consumers choose RESISTO for their quality products and personalized service.

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