Everyday, we work closely with different organizations to help them offer a unique digital experience.

Our Commitment

Collaborate with local businesses to reach their full potential.

Sustain our projects' performance and relevance.

Create profitable solutions, focused on customer experience.

Connect with the humans beyond the screens all throughout our work.

Our culture is based on collaboration, ingenuity, and empathy. We love what we do! That’s what fuels our curiosity, our tenacity, and our solution-oriented attitude. We spark innovation and transformation. Everything ties back to our values; they unite, guide, and inspire us.

Jocelyn Couture, president and chief executive officer

Our DNA and Values

We cultivate a winning formula: applying the best practices, keeping a solution-oriented approach and delivering high quality projects in due course. Our work rests on five key values.


At Tink, everything starts with active listening. We identify the needs that feed each project.


At Tink, we work as one. Our expertise meets that of our clients.


At Tink, every challenge becomes a solution. We think together, and that makes our strength.


At Tink, production is organized. Our methodical spirit brings our ideas to life.


At Tink, life continues. We know that there's a world beyond work.
We love what we do and the people with whom we do it.

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