We take on complex and rewarding challenges: helping organizations modernize, deliver differentiating experiences and maximize digital profitability.

A Universal Commitment to Creating Value

Our people are the foundation of our success. Our collaborative, diverse, and inclusive environment allows for a culture of openness, respect, and continuous improvement. If our years in the business have taught us anything, it’s that our authenticity and fervent dedication to client satisfaction are the reasons we’re able to build lasting relationships.

Our culture is based on collaboration, ingenuity, and empathy. We love what we do! That’s what fuels our curiosity, our tenacity, and our solution-oriented attitude. We spark innovation and transformation. Everything ties back to our values; they unite, guide, and inspire us.

Jocelyn Couture
President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Identity and Values

At Tink, we’re constantly cultivating and refining our winning formula: best practices, a proven delivery capability, and collaboration between various digital experts. We care about our clients and guide them every step of the way to find ideal solutions that harness the full potential of digital technologies.


The final product we deliver is based on the expectations, needs, intentions, and interests of your target audience.


Every move we make is structured, organized, and carefully executed.


We know that digital solutions require a significant investment, so we make sure your organization and your clients reap the benefits.


Combining passion and expertise, our team works tirelessly to find and implement innovative, sustainable solutions.


We believe in forging supportive, collaborative ties between experts throughout the digital industry.
We love what we do. Getting up in the morning is no chore!
We maintain a work hard, play hard philosophy. We make time for family and friends, enjoy hobbies and after-work get-togethers, offer opportunities for professional development, and encourage activities that spark creativity.

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