Employee Profile - Edouard Guay, Content Producer

September 18, 2023
Entretien - Edouard Guay

Passionate about writing since childhood, Edouard Guay turned his love for words into a profession. As a member of our content production team since December 2021, he shares his work experience at Tink.

In a few words, how would you describe your position and your daily routine?

I hold a quite diverse position where each day is different from the last! During a workweek, I can alternate between recurring tasks (such as producing weekly newsletters) and one-time assignments (writing news, articles, landing pages, etc.).

As a content producer, my daily routine involves a lot of research, reading, documentation, revision, and information analysis. Understanding the domain, the client's needs, values, and objectives is imperative. To achieve this, it is essential to take the time to exchange ideas, listen, and ask questions. Collaboration with various specialists and stakeholders both internally and externally, especially for SEO or UX/UI design, is also crucial.

According to you, what skills and qualities should a person demonstrate to hold a position like yours?

First and foremost, it's essential to have a strong command of the French language and possess the knowledge and tools for effective proofreading. However, content production is much more than just writing without making mistakes! Since each client is unique, one must have the necessary creativity to juggle different tones, styles, and approaches throughout various projects, whether it's a one-liner tagline or a 1000-word text.

Intellectual curiosity is another important asset in content production, especially for more complex subjects that require some expertise. When one is naturally curious, it becomes easier to ask the right questions and conduct thorough research to understand the topic at hand. Being able to actively listen is also a valuable strength to effectively grasp the client's reality.

Lastly, I would say that precision and attention to detail are two relevant skills in content production to find the right words and deliver the best possible content.

What have you learned during your years at Tink?

I have learned to better understand my limits and to ask for help when I feel overwhelmed. From my first days at Tink, I felt that I could always rely on my colleagues for assistance when needed. After all, we're a team! Since I clearly communicate my boundaries, I always feel in the right place and never feel overwhelmed.

What do you like about Tink, and what makes you stay?

To be honest, I had some concerns before starting at Tink nearly two years ago. Let's just say that my past experience in agencies was not always as positive as it is now!

Fortunately, my fears were quickly dispelled because, despite its growth, the company has maintained a great sense of camaraderie. Unlike some work environments, there is never a feeling of competing against each other. Everyone is professional, friendly, and ready to help. And I really feel like we are all moving in the same direction!

What is your proudest professional achievement?

I am particularly proud of having earned the trust of my colleagues. My opinion is often sought after on projects I contribute to, and I am also very involved in all internal content matters at Tink. They don't hesitate to ask for my help in coordinating and managing certain parts of the projects. It is truly rewarding!

How would you describe the working atmosphere at Tink?

Tink offers a friendly and amicable working atmosphere, where hierarchy is not felt: the management team seems on the same level as everyone else and is not hesitant to roll up their sleeves to help us. Even though we are over a hundred employees, everyone remembers our first names! There are also plenty of after-work gatherings and social activities that allow us to have fun and unwind together from time to time.

For you, working at Tink is about having the opportunity to...?

It's about having the chance to evolve within a team of experts in all digital fields and to work on varied and stimulating projects for major companies like Metro, Desjardins, or VIA Rail. These are clients with whom we can truly build lasting business relationships!

It's also about enjoying a hybrid and flexible work environment, where I can switch between remote work and working at the office. Over time, I realize how valuable it is to achieve such a good balance between work and personal life.

What advice would you give to future employees in your field?

Don't be afraid to exchange ideas and ask questions to thoroughly master the subject you need to address. It's never a waste of time, and no question is foolish if it helps you understand.

In the same vein, never hesitate to take the time to do things well. Patience is definitely a virtue in content production. It's an evolving job, built gradually, much like a puzzle. You may need to produce numerous versions of the same text before arriving at something truly satisfying. And when you have writer's block, it's better to pause what you're doing and come back to it later.

I touched on it earlier, but don't hesitate to seek your colleagues' expertise to help you. Other people's ideas and constructive feedback will help you develop new perspectives and improve your content production skills. Finally, learn to accept criticism as it will be an integral part of your daily work!