Tink: proud digital partner of Shippagan Enterprises

September 13, 2023
Entreprises Shippagan et Tink

Since its beginnings in 1977, Shippagan Enterprises has become one of the largest distributors and suppliers of commercial fishing and aquaculture products in Canada. Located in Shippagan, New Brunswick, this fourth-generation family-owned business now boasts a catalog of over 30,000 diverse fishing products, which it also exports to the United States and Europe. This presence spans all stages of commercial fishing, from the moment the fish are caught to their processing.

After an initial phase of strategic collaboration with our team in 2022, Shippagan Enterprises is embarking on the next chapter of its digital evolution with us. To support its impressive growth, the company recently launched a comprehensive website redesign project to make it transactional. We are proud to continue the work we began with this internationally-reaching client!

During this redesign project, our team will notably connect the company's ERP software (ACCEO's Ogasys) to the Shopify Plus platform to make its website transactional for both consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B).

At the conclusion of this project, which involves the efforts of nearly a dozen Tinkers within our team, Shippagan Enterprises will have a simple, reliable e-commerce environment fully integrated into its digital ecosystem! Keep an eye out for the launch of this transactional and completely revamped website, expected by the end of 2023.