Employee Profile - Vincent Caron, Talent Acquisition Director

March 21, 2024
Vincent Caron

Proud Tinker for over 10 years, Vincent Caron has accumulated nearly two decades of experience in recruitment and human resources, primarily in the fields of digital and information technology (IT). After a hiatus of 3 years, Vincent made his grand return to Tink in 2021, where he resumed his role as recruitment director, much to the delight of all his colleagues! Discover the work and daily life of this valuable team player.

In a few words, how would you describe your position and your daily life?

My main mission is to discover, attract, and retain the best talents for Tink, in collaboration with management and business partners. More specifically, my work involves overseeing the recruitment process at all stages, from the initial interview to the final job offer. In addition to managing the entire talent acquisition department, I also have to juggle multiple reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide our recruitment efforts.

In the scope of my responsibilities, my primary goal is to strengthen our employer brand and provide the best possible experience for our candidates. To achieve this, I participate in recruitment and networking events to promote Tink as an employer, and I implement special projects that enhance the well-being of all employees

According to you, what are the skills and qualities that a person must demonstrate to occupy a position like yours?

Leading a talent acquisition department requires a strong network of contacts, as well as several years of experience in recruitment and team management. Doing so in the digital field also requires a solid knowledge base in everything related to the web and IT. Mastering various talent acquisition tools and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is another essential skill in the scope of my responsibilities. Additionally, one must be able to work under pressure, prioritize actions, and manage emergencies based on recruitment needs.

In terms of personal qualities, I often emphasize the importance of developing communication and interpersonal skills since qualities such as listening and empathy are crucial for building good relationships with candidates. Working in talent acquisition also requires good introspective abilities: you must always seek to learn and improve!

What have you learned during your years at Tink?

When I started working at Tink in 2011 as a Web recruitment advisor, I was fortunate to have an excellent mentor who helped me grow professionally. He taught me, among other things, to become more resilient and never give up: even if you're looking for a three-legged unicorn, you'll eventually find it! It just takes patience. Everything comes to those who wait.

Ultimately, my years at Tink allowed me to stay informed about the latest trends and technologies within our industry. Because working in the digital field means continually learning new things!

What do you like about Tink, and what makes you stay?

I especially appreciate working within a diverse, brilliant, and passionate team! I really like the human aspect of the company, the great trust placed in me every day, as well as the flexibility in my work schedule. And I love contributing to the growth of local businesses by finding the right resources for various significant projects. It's a source of pride to know that we've contributed to the success of these organizations! No doubt, I feel in the right seat at Tink. That's why I ended up coming back after a 3-year absence. I missed the team too much!

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

Several significant achievements come to mind when I think about all the years spent at Tink. However, nothing makes me prouder than seeing comments praising the quality of our work on our various platforms. Every time, I tell myself that there is a bit of my team in it, since we have contributed to finding the best talents!

Since my return to the company, I've been involved in several important recruitment projects, including the implementation of a new ATS software and the migration from the old system. I've also established a comprehensive program related to health and safety at work (SST), in addition to successfully handling several complex immigration cases, which was a new experience for me!

I'm also proud to be involved in socio-community initiatives such as our annual food drive, our contribution program for social causes, activities of the green committee, or the creation of a well-being week for our employees.

How would you describe the work atmosphere at Tink?

It's a relaxed environment where we work hard, in an atmosphere of fun, respect, and collaboration. Everyone is ready to help each other, and it's always possible to laugh and have fun, despite busy schedules!

For you, working at Tink means having the opportunity to...?

For me, it's the chance to face challenges every day alongside experts in various fields. It's always a joy to be surrounded by so many competent people!

If I came back to Tink, it's also to continue working with a humane and open company that cares about the well-being of its employees and never hesitates to question itself to continue evolving!

What advice would you give to future employees in your field?

Don't be afraid to follow your instincts, listen to your inner voice, and step out of your comfort zone. Stay informed about the latest trends in the market because the world of recruitment, like that of digital, is evolving rapidly!

Finally, it's essential to always believe in the company you work for to effectively convey your passion to future employees! Never forget that as recruitment specialists, we are the bridge between candidates and managers, and the mirror of the organization we represent.