Tink’s Leadership Transition Ensures Continuity with New Executive Team

April 11, 2024
Équipe Tink

Photo credit : © David Himbert 
First row (from left to right) : Martin Proteau, Maude Laurin, Michel Fournier. 
Second row (from left to right): Antoine Desjardins, Stéphane Guérin, Émilie Valcourt, Jocelyn Couture.

Eager to ensure the evolution, continuity, and sustainability of our operations, we are proud to unveil a new pivotal step in the implementation of Tink's succession plan, after several years of preparation. In effect since April 1st, these changes will allow us to remain true to our values by ensuring the sustainability of our organization, maintaining its Quebec roots, and valuing the talent and expertise of many of our key employees.

The key figures of our new management team

  • Jocelyn Couture remains our co-founder president and chief executive officer.
  • Michel Fournier keeps his position as vice-president of finance and administration.
  • Antoine Desjardins is promoted to chief operating officer, overseeing our solution development, experience, strategy, marketing and consulting services teams.
  • Stéphane Guérin evolves as executive vice president of our solution development team, managing all aspects of production and delivery.
  • Martin Proteau becomes vice president of strategy, marketing and consulting services.
  • Emilie Valcourt progresses within our organization as vice president of experience.
  • Maude Laurin evolves as vice president of our production and delivery team.

Let's not forget the proven expertise of our directors!

  • Stephan Morneau is now director of operational excellence.
  • Christian Vachon remains director of development and architecture.
  • Yan Bisson keeps his role as IT director.
  • Jessie Carpenter stays in the saddle as director of human resources.
  • Vincent Caron continues as the director of our talent acquisition team.
  • Dominique Proteau becomes director of our analysis, experience and quality assurance team.
  • François Boissonneault pursues his work as manager of our consulting services office.
  • Catherine Lavigne is promoted to director our project office.
  • Benjamin Adam joins our management team as program director.
  • Sylvie Raccioppoli rises to the position of director of digital production.

Preparing tomorrow's digital future

Thanks to these recent organizational changes, we're looking forward to the coming years with great enthusiasm, and believe we're on the right track to generate maximum value for businesses here and abroad!

"These changes reflect our commitment to developing succession, continuing our evolution and preserving our dynamism, in line with our culture, values, and Quebec identity. This restructured management team will help us support a talented team of over 150 resources internally, who strive day after day to successfully execute our clients' projects! We are confident that this new governance will ensure Tink's continuity and contribute to keeping us among the leaders in our industry."

Jocelyn Couture, president and chief executive officer of Tink

We would like to take this opportunity to wish a well-deserved retirement to Michel Couture, vice president of strategy and digital planning, and Marcel Tremblay, executive vice president and co-founder of the company, two exemplary leaders who have had a major impact on the evolution of our firm over the past 25 years!