Welcome to our two new Consulting Services Manager, Barbara Heath Lopez and Karyne Morin.

December 6, 2023
Barbara Heath Lopez et Karyne Morin

Eager to push the boundaries of excellence for our clientele, we continue to work tirelessly to expand our ranks. Among these new hires, we are proud to announce the arrival of Barbara Heath Lopez and Karyne Morin, two new Consulting Services Manager (CSM) joining François Boissonneault's team.

"It is with immense pleasure that we welcome Barbara and Karyne to Tink. They possess a strategic vision, analytical skills, and a service-oriented mindset that will make them trusted partners for our clientele, in addition to contributing to the evolution and growth of Tink in the coming years! Their diverse and complementary profiles will strengthen the expertise of the consulting services team and enhance our frontline business support capabilities."

-François Boissonneault, Director of Consulting Services


Barbara Heath Lopez: Innovation and Creativity on the Horizon

After holding positions as Director of Strategy and Performance at OBOX and an Account Director at BAM Strategy, Barbara Heath Lopez has chosen to continue her professional journey with our Consulting Services team.

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing working with renowned brands such as Chevrolet, Cirque du Soleil, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (OSM), and the Quebec Milk Producers, Barbara takes pride in providing companies with tailored, creative, high-performing, and innovative solutions.


"Innovation and creativity are at the core of my marketing philosophy, and it is precisely this approach, focused on both consulting services and the latest digital trends, that I find at Tink. Its expertise in UX and technology makes it an essential digital agency that I am very proud to join!"

-Barbara Heath Lopez, Consulting Services Manager


Karyne Morin: Experience and Strategy in Perfect Harmony

Formerly an Account Director in the consulting group at &CO Collaborateurs Créatifs, Karyne Morin has joined our team to contribute her 15 years of experience. Throughout her career in advisory, strategy, and business development, she has had the opportunity to orchestrate over a hundred multi-platform campaigns and guide various digital projects for clients such as Altex Inc., Groupe BMTC, Bio-K+, Transitions Canada, Essilor Canada, Novexco (Hamster), and La Cage Brasserie sportive.

With her diligence, instinct, creativity, and strategic thinking, Karyne has developed significant expertise in advisory, strategy, and business development, allowing her to navigate through various challenges and issues. These professional achievements now enable her to develop customized projects, actively participate in their implementation, and ensure their success.

"From my initial discussions with Tink, I quickly noticed the team's extensive expertise and genuine humanity. I am very excited to embark on a new adventure with Tink and look forward to helping its clientele achieve their ambitions!"

-Karyne Morin, Consulting Services Manager


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