Fruit d'or

Fruit d’Or: Implementing a Digital Strategy that Yields Tangible Results

Fruit d'Or


The Quebec-based company Fruit d'Or had to update its online presence by reviewing its entire digital strategy. Positioning itself as a global leader in the cultivation and processing of organic fruits, Fruit d'Or needed to propel its digital ecosystem to the level of its business ambitions.

Now the owner of several other companies complementary to its activities, Fruit d'Or sought to standardize and optimize the websites of its acquisitions while centralizing communications on its main site.


The purpose of the mission is to implement digital strategies to support its economic growth and expansion internationally. Ultimately, the company aims to increase its digital visibility and market share in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

We thus reviewed the entire digital strategy of the company, starting with a comprehensive audit of its platforms, and concluding with the implementation of recommendations. Our mission unfolded in five stages:

  1. Carry out an audit of all existing sites;
  2. Analyze SEO and cybermetric performance;
  3. Conduct a comparative watch of the competition to identify best practices in B2B;
  4. Prioritize actions to be taken according to issued strategic recommendations;
  5. Plan the implementation of various recommendations over a 24-month period.



An audit of Fruit d'Or's existing sites revealed that the company has a good digital maturity and offers a quality digital experience to its visitors. Additionally, Fruit d'Or also effectively promotes its B2B brand as well as its employer brand. However, there was work to be done to standardize its entire digital ecosystem. We therefore adopted strategies and made recommendations in this regard.



In order to better structure the recommendations, we have grouped them into five distinct categories:

  1. Revising the entire digital ecosystem of Fruit d'Or to standardize it and integrate it within the same environment.
  2. Implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy to increase the brand's visibility in the United States and elsewhere in the world.
  3. Developing a common content strategy for all of Fruit d'Or's properties (the main site and that of its acquisitions).
  4. Developing a relational B2B communication strategy..
  5. Implementing functional modifications that enhance the customer experience to generate more sales leads.



More than a hundred recommendations were issued based on the five categories. Here are the main ones:

  • Place the Fruit d'Or website at the center of its digital ecosystem: Ensure that the content presents the different parts of the site and explains the links with the other sites of the company. It is essential to create interlinking between the various sites in the Fruit d'Or ecosystem.
  • Integrate the other sites into the Fruit d'Or universe and give them an identity consistent with the brand.
  • Develop an SEO strategy that increases the organic visibility of the sites in the American and international markets.
  • Optimize the corporate website, taking into account the proposed improvements for performance monitoring.


It is now Fruit d'Or's turn to play! With our analysis and recommendations, the company is now able to achieve its full digital potential and fulfill its business objectives.

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