Creating a human and enlightening podcast series with Guy Cormier

Guy Cormier un président à l'écoute


The Desjardins Movement commissioned our team to create and produce a podcast series featuring its president, Guy Cormier. With "Listen in with president Guy Cormier" Mr. Cormier aims to highlight Desjardins' employees and partners to showcase their expertise and experience, while also providing the audience with a platform for exchanging opinions and ideas on various economic concepts. Season 1 consists of 4 episodes in French and 4 episodes in English that were broadcasted throughout the year 2023.


"As the director of episodes of 'Listen in with President Guy Cormier,' my goal was to create a space for dialogue, where the brilliance of figures like Guy Cormier, president of the Desjardins Movement, can fully express itself."

-Denis Martel, director of the podcast series

Podcast Objectives:

  • Make the president's vision and Desjardins known to different target audiences.
  • Demystify certain economic topics for the Canadian population.
  • Highlight the expertise and passion of the guests.
  • Inspire and mobilize all Desjardins employees.

Production - Design

For the design, we created a distinctive visual identity featuring the podcast series title and its host, Mr. Cormier. Our goal was to produce a professionally crafted visual that is user-friendly and easily adaptable to various needs:

  • Series thumbnail for listening platforms.
  • Graphic branding for Desjardins' intranet.
  • Visuals to accompany Mr. Cormier's social media posts.
  • Images for creating audiograms and promotional clips. 
    Images for creating audiograms and promotional clips.

Production - Content Production

We collaborated at every stage of the episode production for the series, from pre-production to online release, to help Desjardins bring its vision to life.


We worked closely with the Desjardins team to ensure compliance with podcasting codes and best practices. This included:

  • Establishing a production plan and interview outlines.
  • Writing the introductory and concluding scripts used in each episode.
  • Crafting the series and episode descriptions.
  • Choosing the structure for each episode.
  • Defining the tone.


We were in charge of realizing and recording the episodes to ensure excellent sound quality and bring forth an engaging narrative.


We selected music, provided editorial recommendations on content, edited the episodes, and delivered full transcriptions.

Production - Distribution and Promotion

We supported the Desjardins team in selecting distribution platforms and uploading episodes by providing all necessary elements, including:

  • Visuals
  • Transcriptions
  • Mixed and optimized audio files
  • Chaptering

To promote the episodes, we also created audiograms tailored to each social media platform to highlight the best moments of the discussions.


The 4 podcast episodes, released in March, June, October, and November 2023, generated several thousand organic listens throughout the year. "A Listening President" dynamically contributed to the financial education of thousands of savers. We take pride in having contributed to the realization of this podcast series, which shines a spotlight on the expertise of Desjardins' employees and partners!

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