Supporting the Metro group in the implementation of its new loyalty program (

Réalisation Metro et moi


In order to provide more rewards and personalized offers to its customers, the Metro group recently launched "Moi": a new loyalty program that brings together several of its banners (Metro, Jean Coutu, Super C, Brunet, Première Moisson) and grants access to exclusive promotional offers. The Metro group is thus evolving metro&moi, its former rewards program, which had over 1.2 million active members, representing over half of Quebec households.

With a business relationship spanning over 15 years with the Metro group, our team played the role of an support and digital expert for the launch of this program. Therefore, we were an important partner to the Metro group in this mandate.


The objectives of the new Moi program are as follows:

  • Establish the best rewards program in Canada.
  • Replace the former metro&moi program in Quebec.
  • Bring together multiple brands of the Metro group under a single loyalty program (using one card for multiple Metro banners).
  • Personalize offers and communications for each consumer.
  • Provide exclusive promotions to program members.
  • Develop new business partnerships to diversify the offers.

To help Metro achieve its objectives, they have enlisted the support of our team in creating and specific newsletters for the new program.


In total, over twenty experts from our team were involved in various stages of the mandate, including design, web integration/adaptability, content writing/production, and project management.

Design, Web Integration, and Adaptability

We worked in collaboration with the agencies Valtech and Cossette, responsible for the artistic direction of the program, to integrate and refine the overall design and user experience. Our extensive knowledge of the digital ecosystem and Metro's loyalty program was a significant asset in this regard.

Specifically, we were responsible for:

  • Adapting all the mockups designed for the program to ensure full compliance and accessibility.
  • Creating the design system.
  • Developing the website and ensuring its compliance with web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0).




Newsletter Design

In addition to the website pages, dedicated newsletters were needed for Moi program members. We also defined the entire customer journey in relation to the different newsletters. Our team was heavily involved in this aspect of the project, as Metro had substantial requirements.

Numerous sequences of automated and personalized emails were designed in collaboration with the Metro team, including:

  • Emails to guide subscribers (those who requested the card) through the initial stages of the new program (pre-registration and onboarding).
  • Emails to announce the launch of the Moi program to Metro's customers and its other banners.
  • Emails to showcase the different possible rewards (based on points).
  • And several other communications to ensure a clear understanding of the program.

Nearly fifteen of our experts were assigned the following tasks:

  • Designing newsletter mockups based on the established brand guidelines for the program.
  • Defining the concept and content architecture of the newsletters.
  • Writing, adapting, and translating the newsletter content.
  • Developing visuals for the newsletters to enhance the user experience.
  • Adapting the program's visual identity to meet the requirements of the newsletters.


A Scalable Program in Gradual Deployment

Functional since May 9th in Quebec grocery stores under Metro, the Moi program will evolve over time. It will also be gradually rolled out across multiple banners of the Metro group.

While it is difficult to assess the level of enthusiasm this new program will receive, one thing remains certain: our team will be there to support the Metro group in all the upcoming stages of migrating to their new program.

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