Video Production

Our video production services bring your messages and ideas to life.


Our Objective

Develop, produce and distribute videos that live up to your ambitions.

Whether it's a film shoot or an animated video, we'll work with you to create concepts that meet your needs and those of your audience.

Our Services


  • Ideation and concept development for the video
  • Scriptwriting for narration
  • Artistic direction
  • Creation of a script and storyboard
  • Graphic research or sourcing of royalty-free images
  • Production planning
  • Location scouting and shoot scheduling


  • Set dressing
  • Filming
  • Video and audio recording, including all technical equipment
  • 2D or 3D animation (Motion Design)
  • Music research
  • Voice talent management (auditions and recordings) and licensing (UDA/ACTRA)


  • Editing, graphics, and sound mixing
  • Subtitling file creation (French, English)
  • Video adaptation in English or French
  • Delivery of all necessary formats
  • Creation of promotional tools (visuals, ad segments)
  • Support for video uploading and promotion

3 Key Benefits


We harness the ingenuity of our team to invigorate your message and achieve your ambitions at every stage of production.


We produce relevant, captivating, and engaging video content to reflect your organization.


We create videos that adapt to your audience, communication needs, business objectives, and budget.