4 simple tips to succeed in your job interview at Tink!

July 17, 2023
4 conseils simples

The job interview is one of the most important steps in the recruitment process: it's where we both decide if there's a real connection. It's an opportunity for us to discover who you are, what you can offer to Tink, and if you meet the requirements of the position. On the other hand, it's your chance to confirm that your aspirations are aligned with the role's needs and the company's values. That's why the interview should be a two-way conversation!

We understand that this step can be stressful; you want to present yourself in the best possible way and increase your chances of landing your dream job in a digital agency like ours! The more you stay true to yourself and prepare for it, the more enjoyable the exchange will be.

Have you always wanted to work in a digital agency? Here are some tips to succeed in your job interview.

1.Prepare yourself

Of course, researching about Tink and carefully reading the job description will form a good foundation for your preparation. It will allow you to plan your answers to common questions such as "how did you hear about the position and us?", "what interests you about Tink?" or "what motivated you to apply?".

You can then formulate your own questions. We strongly encourage you to inquire about our values, culture, the position, our programs, processes, projects, and clients. Your curiosity demonstrates your interest and the seriousness of your approach.

Also, prepare yourself to answer questions like "what interests you about the digital field?" and "why do you want to work in an agency rather than on the client side?". Life in an agency is often more dynamic; everything moves and evolves rapidly as we need to keep up with the latest trends. We also work a lot as a team to benefit from the expertise of various specialists in all areas of digital. Collaboration is essential here. Show us that you have what it takes to integrate well at Tink.

The stress of an interview can disrupt your thoughts, make you speak quickly, or make you forget your words. Don't hesitate to take a few seconds to think about your answers. It's not a quiz; it's meant to be a natural exchange!

By preparing yourself, you'll respond to questions with more confidence, even the slightly more difficult ones.

2.Make a good first impression

You know the saying, you won't have a second chance to make a good first impression! Present yourself on time for the meeting, whether it's in person or virtual, to make the most of the allocated interview time. Make sure to establish and maintain eye contact with the person interviewing you and avoid distractions, especially when it's a remote interview.

Having good listening skills will allow you to respond more accurately and in a clear and concise manner to the questions. You will also be more attentive to seize opportunities during the conversation to tell us a little more about yourself or present a distinctive aspect of your profile that may not have been addressed.

In an agency, we work with a variety of clients, colleagues, and partners. Good communication and attentive listening will be essential for the success of your projects, regardless of the role you will hold at Tink.

3.Be yourself

Neither you nor we want to sell or buy dreams. The job interview should be a platform for an honest conversation. At Tink, we value transparency. Our goal is not to trap you with questions; we simply want to learn more about you and your skills. If you don't possess certain abilities or have limited experience in certain situations, it will be much more beneficial for you to let us know in advance rather than after you're hired. And you will certainly earn points for your honesty!

Above all, we want to ensure that you will be happy with us and that your skills align with the requirements of the position, but we never expect you to master or know everything. That's why our team consists of diverse specialists who collaborate together. Moreover, technologies and our clients' needs evolve rapidly, which leads us to work on projects of different natures. That's agency life! We will support you if you don't have all the required knowledge because we work as a team to ensure our success and yours.

Stress can sometimes trip us up, but preparing yourself properly (hence the importance of point 1) will help you remain authentic and show us your true personality. Our goal during the interview is to know who YOU are. That's what matters most!

We don't work with robots. The human element is essential to us!

4.Don't forget to showcase yourself

A successful job interview allows us to have a dynamic conversation and get to know each other, but most importantly, it convinces us that you are THE person we need for the role.

To do this, show us your enthusiasm for the position, highlight your achievements, present your portfolio, talk about the trends that interest you, and explain what you can bring to Tink. Choose concrete examples to illustrate your skills, interests, and experience.

They will help you demonstrate not only your technical abilities but also your personal qualities. Collaboration, flexibility, responsiveness, and resourcefulness are highly sought-after skills for a job in a digital agency and essential for our candidates.

EIn fact, it's simple: don't just talk about your strengths, show us how they would be advantageous in your new role.

And there you have it! We are confident that by following these four tips, you will increase your chances of getting your dream job with us. There are no other digital agencies like Tink!

Check out our job listings today or reach out to a member of our talent acquisition team if you have any questions. We are here for you!

Director - Recruitment