Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its everyday use

February 28, 2024
L’intelligence artificielle (IA) et son utilisation au quotidien

This text is part of our series of 6 articles on the main digital trends in 2024.

The arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT has undoubtedly transformed the way millions of people work around the world. Indeed, many people now have the reflex to use AI to rework content, facilitate their work, or revise their processes.

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review demonstrates that a company has successfully increased its problem-solving rate per hour by nearly 15% by using artificial intelligence to improve the productivity of its customer service. The agents' ability to handle multiple chats with clients simultaneously has also increased by 15%, while the average time spent on each customer interaction has decreased by nearly 10% thanks to AI! An analysis of conversational robot logs has also revealed an immediate improvement in customer satisfaction.

Such data is clear: it is more important than ever for companies to develop concrete action plans to integrate generative AI into their organization. Many advanced tools are now at their disposal to quickly generate impactful content optimized for search engines (SEO).

Let's discover together how artificial intelligence can help you achieve daily efficiency gains.

IA tools for a variety of needs

Companies looking to review and improve their content can turn to a multitude of artificial intelligence tools based on their needs. Consider, for example:

  • ChatGPT : Version 4 of this generative AI tool allows you to better manage the relevance of your content.
  • Google Bard : This text generator and AI assistant developed by Google will soon be available in Canada.
  • Jasper AI : This AI tool operates in more than 25 languages, including French and English.
  • Rytr : Functional in both French and English, this writing assistant allows you to rework the tone and approach of your content. It also has extension modules (plug-ins) for WordPress-based sites.

In addition to writing assistants, there are also numerous AI tools that can generate images to accompany your content.

Optimizing Your Product Catalog with Artificial Intelligence

Companies with an extensive product catalog on their e-commerce site will increasingly benefit from using artificial intelligence to create automated content from a web page or manufacturing data file. Here are two good examples of AI tools that can help with this:

  • Salsify : This Product Experience Management (PXM) platform uses generative AI to simplify content creation for products. Organizations can save time and money by gathering information about thousands of products from different sources. This way, companies can simultaneously create a multitude of comprehensive and easily searchable product listings.
  • InRiver : This SaaS software integrates the generative AI tool ChatGPT with a Product Information Management (PIM) system, enabling the creation of optimized product content for SEO across different channels, markets, or geographic locations.

Improving Your SEO Performance with Artificial Intelligence

Organizations can also enhance their productivity by leveraging specific AI tools that create and optimize content for organic search (SEO optimization). Among them is Semji, which integrates with your data collection tools like Google Analytics or SEMRush to understand what your online visitors are searching for and maximize your marketing content to make it more visible.

Highly efficient, the Semji platform stands out as an SEO solution for businesses. The weekly publication LEPTIDIGITAL even awards it an overall rating of 9.5/10.

The excellent results of Semji can be attributed, among other things, to:

  • Ease of use and high accessibility: Even beginners in SEO can navigate the platform easily, thanks to a simplified presentation of scores (the level of optimization for each page).
  • A range of features: Semji provides features that meet all expectations in terms of analysis, planning, editing, and activity reporting for SEO content production.
  • Integration capabilities: Semji's ability to connect with Google Search Console and Google Analytics allows for seamless integrations. 

2024: The Year of All Opportunities for AI!

There is no doubt: the year 2024 is going to be very promising for the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence. Businesses will increasingly benefit from interesting opportunities to gain efficiency!

However, caution is advised, as AI is far from infallible: the produced content must continue to be revised to avoid any potential missteps (risks related to incorrect information, data confidentiality, or intellectual property issues). It is essential to properly train your teams on these new technologies and establish a policy for using AI in an ethical manner.

Alain Tremblay
Digital Strategist