Client satisfaction: The key to our success!

March 17, 2023

Regularly communicating with our clients and ensuring their satisfaction at every step of a project (and even after) has always been part of our DNA. But for the past three years, Tink has made it its mission to go one step further by collecting concrete quantitative and qualitative data. At the end of the year, we ask all our clients to fill out a satisfaction survey to learn more about how they feel about our partnership.

The results are always surprising. “We think we know what’s working well and what’s not, but every year, we find new ways to improve. More importantly, we learn what added-value assets we need to keep offering our clients,” says Stéphane Guérin, Vice-President of Solutions Development

Our satisfaction survey is a practical performance measurement tool that allows us to collect truly valuable observations. These results have become key to our corporate objectives and allow us to gain a better understanding of how satisfied our clients are, year over year. What’s more, they allow us to evolve as an agency.

What’s in the survey?

The survey is made up of 12 questions (because less is always more!). Ten of these questions allow us to evaluate, on a scale of 0 to 10, how satisfied our clients are with specific aspects of our services, such as the relevance of our solutions, the quality of our deliverables, and the expertise of our teams. The last two questions are open-ended so clients can leave detailed comments or suggestions.

The survey is completely anonymous, which allows us to get honest feedback.

What are the objectives?

Tink’s annual satisfaction survey serves several purposes.

Namely, it allows us to do the following:

  • Focus on the quality of our services and overall client satisfaction
  • Know our clients’ satisfaction level
  • Recognize, celebrate, and preserve our qualities and the excellent work of our colleagues
  • Correct any weaknesses or shortcomings (in the spirit of continuous improvement)

“For 27 years, our success has been based on our clients’ satisfaction and our ability to adapt to their realities. Based on the idea that your perception is your reality, the survey helps us understand areas where we are excelling, where there’s room for improvement, and how we are perceived. This survey is a wonderful tool that helps us make improvements and communicate better.”

Antoine Desjardins, Vice-President of Consulting Services


What happens next?

Conducting a survey for the sake of appearances wouldn’t make a lot of sense. This survey is only valuable if we take tangible steps upon receiving the results—and this is the goal we’ve set out to achieve. As soon as the results are in, we need to take immediate action; first, to avoid disillusioning our respondents and causing them to lose interest, and second, to empower our collaborators.

Once the results of the survey are analyzed, we share them with all our teams. Last year, for example, we established three main areas for improvement. We then conducted several workshops with management and our various internal teams to take concrete steps to improve and preserve the aspects our clients appreciate.

Plans for this year

The results we achieved in 2022 were very positive and made our teams very happy at the start of 2023. We consider ourselves fortunate to have received a great deal of constructive feedback that has allowed us to continuously improve.

Once again this year, the results have encouraged our teams to be even more committed to our clients on a daily basis, and to never take anything for granted.

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