Optimizing Employer Branding on Social Media: Winning Strategies

September 27, 2023
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Given today's competitive context, attracting and retaining top talent is an absolute priority for companies. Employer branding, which represents the measures taken by an organization to stand out to employees and candidates, plays a crucial role in this quest. In addition to attracting high-quality applications, a strong employer branding strategy reinforces your company culture and transforms your team members into ambassadors. Social media is emerging as a powerful tool for optimizing employer branding.

Discover the key winning strategies to enhance your employer branding on social media.

Showcasing Your Company Culture

Social media provides an ideal platform to showcase your company's unique culture. Through posts, images, and videos, you can demonstrate to potential candidates what makes your work environment special. Don't hesitate to highlight your organization's values, traditions, events, and initiatives. Transparently sharing your company culture helps establish an authentic connection with candidates and sparks their interest.

Be careful to present an accurate image of your organization. When a company exaggerates or doesn't communicate transparently, it can lead to unmet expectations and a loss of trust from candidates and potential employees.

Promote Employee Testimonials

Employee stories are vibrant and authentic testimonies of life within your company. Therefore, encourage your team members to share their experiences, achievements, and challenges on social media. These personal testimonials humanize your employer brand and provide a genuine insight into daily life at your company. Use specific hashtags to gather your employees' stories and make them easily accessible to online users. However, be cautious not to use too many. As the saying goes: overdoing it can be just as bad as not doing enough

The optimal number of hashtags to use according to social media platforms:

  • Instagram: Up to 10.
  • LinkedIn: Up to 3.
  • TikTok: Up to 5.
  • Facebook: The use of hashtags is not recommended.

Generating Engaging Visual Content

As social media heavily revolves around visual content, it's wise to use high-quality images and videos to tell your company's story in a captivating manner. Showcase your offices, your team in action, internal events, and anything that reflects a positive work atmosphere. Visual content tends to generate more engagement and resonate better with potential candidates.

Encouraging Real-Time Interactions

Social media provides the opportunity to interact in real-time with candidates and your audience, if you take the effort to nurture these exchanges, of course! After all, what could be more unpleasant than sending a message to a company and receiving a delayed response or, even worse, no response at all!

This is why it's crucial to promptly reply to comments, questions, and direct messages. By doing so, you create a positive impression of your company, positioning yourself as an attentive and engaged employer towards the online community.

Using Different Strategies for Each Platform

Each social media platform has its own characteristics and audience. Therefore, it would be a mistake to treat every platform the same way. One piece of content might work very well on one platform but not at all on another. You'll need to tailor your content to each channel.

Exemples :

  • LinkedIn can be favored for sharing professional news, career opportunities, and internal moments that define your employer brand (events, achievements, etc.).
  • Instagram and TikTok can be used to present your company in a more playful and creative light.
  • Twitter/X can be utilized to share real-time news about your company and to interact with industry professionals.

As a bonus, here are 3 mistakes to avoid!

  • Copying content from other companies : Republishing or sharing content from other companies without giving credit can harm your employer brand's reputation, which could be perceived as uncreative and unoriginal.
  • Not engaging with your followers : Failing to respond to comments or questions can give the impression that your company doesn't value engagement from its online community.
  • Lacking diversity in your content : If the content you share on your social media doesn't reflect the diversity of your team and your company's culture, you could give the impression that you don't prioritize inclusion and equity.

Social Media: Platforms to Shape Your Employer Brand

Social media has become an essential tool for strengthening a company's employer brand.

By adopting winning strategies (showcasing your company culture, sharing employee stories, adding engaging visual content, fostering authentic interactions, etc.), you can attract high-quality talent and create an appealing work environment. Through judicious use of various social platforms, you can reach diverse audiences, make a lasting positive impact, and position yourself as an employer of choice!

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