Add value to your degree with a content production internship at Tink

June 7, 2023

In January 2023, I began my third and final cooperative internship at Tink. I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in applied communication at the Université de Sherbrooke and really wanted to gain work experience at an agency before graduating. I got my wish when Tink invited me to join its talented content production team! Here’s an overview of my experience and the benefits of working at Tink.

How did you hear about this opportunity?

I got a work placement at Tink as part of the Université de Sherbrooke’s co-operative education program, which allows students to do three paid work terms while completing their bachelor’s degree. This work-study format lets you gain substantial work experience before you’ve even graduated, which I think is incredibly valuable.

When I was narrowing down my options last October, I was immediately drawn to what Tink had to offer. The placement was a perfect opportunity for me to try out the big leagues. I even went through a realistic hiring process!

Why Tink?

First of all, I’d always wanted to see what it was like to work at an agency. In my previous co-op placements, I’d been the “client” working with agencies on ad creation projects. This time, I wanted to see things from an agency perspective and be the one responding to clients’ requests. Plus, not every co-op student gets to work for a major Quebec company!

Secondly, this placement combined two of my biggest passions in communication: writing and digital media. I was really impressed by Tink’s 27 years in the business. The agency gives you the opportunity to develop professionally while working with a talented and experienced team.

Thirdly, I appreciated the hybrid work model and the flexibility Tink offered. All my work could be done remotely, in the comfort of my home office. I communicated with my colleagues daily through Teams and instant messaging. I was also invited to several in-person meetings, which helped with team bonding and allowed me to connect with people face-to-face.

In short, Tink allowed me to pursue my interest in writing and digital media while honing my skills alongside experienced professionals!

As a content production trainee, what was your daily routine like?

I mostly worked on producing content for Brunet. I was tasked with writing all the texts in their weekly newsletters, as well as a number of online health and beauty articles. I also had the chance to conceptualize and write content for Tink’s website and one of its digital campaigns.

It was stimulating work that gave me an up-close look at how an agency operates. I got to observe all the steps in the project cycle and the rigorous processes it involves. I was also introduced to multidisciplinary teamwork and learned a lot from collaborating with experts in other specializations.

Finally, I took several training courses on various topics, including the basics of UX design and the issues around Law 25. Being immersed in the digital field really allowed me to expand on the knowledge I gained in school while adding value to my degree!

Who would you recommend this work placement to?

Tink truly provides a safe space for personal and professional growth. I’d recommend this placement to students who want to learn more about the web and writing! It’s also ideal for anyone with the following profile:

  • Enjoys writing
  • Is interested in all things digital (e.g., creating newsletters, websites, landing pages)
  • Is interested in health and beauty
  • Has good organizational and time management skills
  • Enjoys working remotely
  • Enjoys working with clients and team members
  • Has a thirst for learning!