Guy Cormier, un président à l’écoute, a successful podcast produced by Tink

June 19, 2023
Guy Cormier - Un président à l'écoute

“Talking is a necessity, listening is an art.” For Guy Cormier, president and CEO of Desjardins Group, these are words to live by. So, it’s only natural that he applies the same philosophy as host of the podcast Guy Cormier, un président à l’écoute (Guy Cormier, a president who listens), with the second and most recent episode launched in early June.

In this podcast series, Cormier meets with passionate employees and business experts to discuss the economy, entrepreneurship, and the future of Desjardins Group.

We are proud to have been involved in all stages of the podcast’s production. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in our 15-plus-year partnership with Desjardins Group.

Our team was tasked with producing and directing the podcast. Specifically, we were responsible for the visual identity, the interview schedule, episode structure, recording, transcription, editing, the final mix, and uploading, as well as all of the visuals and audiograms used to promote the podcast on social media. We will also be working on the upcoming episodes, which will be released over the next few months!

In the second episode of the podcast, titled "Growing our cooperative footprint from coast to coast" Guy Cormier welcomes Denis Dubois, Executive Vice President of Wealth Management and Life Insurance at Desjardins, to discuss the scale and pan-Canadian expansion of the Desjardins Group. The first episode, released in March 2023, focuses on the current economic context and its impact on Quebec society, particularly for young people and businesses.

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