David Dubé and Roksana Zymon are making their big comeback at Tink... along with many of their colleagues.

June 10, 2024
Retour de Roksana et de David

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we once again welcome David Dubé and Roksana Zymon, who are both making a great return to our team.

After a year and a half of absence, David Dubé returns to the position of director of consulting services which he held for almost 4 years as a Tinker. His ability to understand the specific needs of businesses and offer tailor-made solutions to meet them has been a key element of his past success, and we are pleased to be able to count once again on his proven know-how in the art of sales and customer relationship management!

Having proudly worn the colors of Tink from 2016 to 2022, Roksana Zymon is returning to her role as accounting technician within our organization, after a two-year break. She returns to us today with even more accounting experience but with the same passion for her field, and we can't wait to see all her professionalism and great qualities again!

Join us in welcoming (or welcoming back) them to our team!

Other Tinkers who have returned home

Like David and Roksana, these precious colleagues have also returned to Tink in recent years!

Vincent Caron, Talent Acquisition Director

“I mainly came back to Tink because I missed the gang! I also missed the dynamic, ever-changing world of the web. I wanted to reintegrate this unique and human environment where I developed a strong sense of belonging over the years!“

Victor Guérin, Java Developer

“I’m happy to come back to the Tink family for good!“

Virginie Plante, Designer/Content Integrator

“By returning to Tink, I found a pleasant and dynamic team, stimulating projects, and above all, the possibility of working remotely, which is a very valuable advantage for me since I know live more than 350 km from the office!“

Chantal Azzam, Account Manager, Support and Development

“For me, coming back to Tink is like coming home! I really had the feeling of being reunited with my family and I feel that I can take advantage of real opportunities to progress in my role.“