Employee profile — Mathieu Grenon, product owner

June 26, 2023
Mathieu Grenon

After more than 10 years of teaching computer science and multimedia integration at the CEGEP level, Mathieu Grenon brought his leadership and expertise to our team in July 2021. Find out what his daily life is like at Tink.

In a few words, how would you describe your role and typical daily tasks?

I’m someone who loves fast-paced environments and needs to be in the thick of things. Working at Tink is certainly ideal in that regard!

As a product owner (PO), I occupy a central position in the analysis and specifications department, acting as a liaison between all parties involved in a project. I would describe myself as kind of a technical conductor whose goal is to eliminate as much of the “noise” that might distract the team as possible. When many people are involved in a project, it’s easy to get lost! By managing all the potential problems, I enable the whole team to work more efficiently.

As the PO, I’m also responsible for explaining the project requirements clearly and precisely to the various stakeholders:

  • The client, so that they are aware of everything we will deliver following their approval.
  • The developers, so that they know exactly what needs to be coded
  • The quality analysts, so that they know exactly what to test once the tasks are completed

I also manage the project’s scope as well as any constraints or changes that arise along the way. To do that, I take part in daily 15-minute scrums, in which team members take turns discussing the project, its progress, next steps, and any technical or human problems.

These conversations help me better manage priorities and changes to cost estimates in collaboration with the project managers and account managers, with the goal of adding value for the client and their brand. I also have to make sure the team stays motivated and that morale is high. In short, the human element is a key part of my job!

In your opinion, what hard and soft skills are necessary to succeed in a position like yours?

To be successful as a PO, you have to be a leader who can rally the troops. Empathy is another essential quality; you need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your colleagues and clients to better understand their experience.

A product owner is also a proactive, intuitive, and resourceful person who adapts quickly to change and isn’t afraid to make potentially difficult decisions in the heat of the moment. Lastly, it’s important to be able to analyze and synthesize large amounts of information so that you can set priorities and communicate what the next steps are in a clear and succinct way.

What have you learned during your time at Tink?

One thing I realized right away at Tink is that I’d be nothing without the input of my expert colleagues! That’s why it’s so important for me to motivate my teammates and recognize their value to bring out the best in them. As a PO, I’ve also learned that it’s crucial to be as strict with myself as I am with my teammates.

What do you like about Tink, and what makes you stay?

What I appreciate most about Tink is that you never feel that there’s a hierarchy within the organization. Everyone works at the same level and moves together towards a specific goal. We’re used to both success and failure (fortunately, there are many more successes!). So, no matter what job you do here at Tink, you know that you’re an essential part of the company. That’s why I feel so valued.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

I’d say that my main accomplishment has been earning the respect of my expert colleagues. I’m often asked to give input, I’m actively involved in our projects, and I feel that my voice matters. Even though I didn’t have previous experience as a product owner, I really feel like I belong here.

How would you describe the work atmosphere at Tink?

I feel an incredible synergy with my colleagues and clients, despite the fact that I was hired in the middle of the pandemic and have worked entirely from home. Mutual support, collaboration, and respect are paramount at Tink, even when we’re working remotely! I also appreciate that there’s a great work-life balance.

For you, working at Tink means having the opportunity to ... ?

  • Do my best work every day
  • Work with experts in a variety of business contexts
  • Work on projects that I’m proud of
  • Feel supported by my team
  • See my work recognized and valued

What advice would you give to future employees in your field?

Work on your communication skills and draw from your previous experience to boost your expertise. It’s very important for a PO to understand the reality and priorities of all participants in a project so that they can help out if necessary. Also, keep in mind that while there may be a technical side to your job, you should always prioritize the human element to carry out a project successfully.