Tink and the Canadian Cancer Society: A new partnership for 2024

February 6, 2024
Tink and the Canadian Cancer Society

Since 1938, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has been actively involved in the fight against cancer by funding research, providing information to the public, and offering support to those affected by this disease on a daily basis. As the largest charitable organization dedicated to cancer control in the country, the CCS continues to successfully carry out its mission of prevention through initiatives like Trottibus, aimed at promoting physical activity through active transportation among elementary school children.

Eager to communicate information about these school activities in the simplest and most effective way possible, the Canadian Cancer Society has enlisted our expertise to analyze and optimize the content of its active transportation projects for elementary schools. Our team is working on a new strategy to highlight these school activities because promoting healthy lifestyles from an early age increases the chances of combating cancer in Canada!

We are proud to serve as digital partners for the CCS, contributing to its mission of fighting, raising awareness, and preventing cancer throughout Quebec. And don't forget that you can make a difference too!

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