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Nouveau site corporatif de VIA Rail

A new visual identity and positioning for VIA Rail’s corporate website


One year ago, VIA Rail launched a new brand platform and tagline, Love the Way, which reinforces its role as the unifying Canadian leader of sustainable, enjoyable and safe mobility. VIA Rail has now launched its new corporate website About VIA.

The redesign of the corporate website illustrates VIA Rail’s desire to create a vibrant and engaging platform to display its content, while continually showcasing the organization’s progress and its concrete projects. VIA Rail does not make empty promises; it delivers tangible proof of how it continues to transform and modernize in a profound way.

Tink handled the entire redesign of VIA Rail’s new corporate website; from strategy and artistic direction to site development and implementation.

There are three important sections that stand out on the platform: Our Company (board of directors, management and corporate information), Projects and Infrastructure (modernization initiatives and transformation projects) and lastly, Community Engagement (supporting Canadian communities and partnerships).

This new online experience will keep Canadians informed, engaged and interested in train travel with VIA Rail through upcoming projects such as, a new fleet of trains set to arrive in a few years, improved accessibility for all passengers and a potential expansion with a proposal for High Frequency Rail (HFR) in the Quebec City-Toronto corridor.


Directeur service conseil – Philippe Girard

Chargée de projet – Adeline Belin

Chargée de compte – Sabine Seguin

Stratège de contenu – Marie-Anne Larochelle

Edimestre – Thomas Chouteau

Conseillère SEO – Mylène Dunand

Conseiller en cybermétrie – Vincent Prince Guay

Laura Heid
Laura Heid
Coordinatrice services-conseils
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