Redesigning the Brunet Digital Ecosystem. Pharmacists’ Expertise at the Core of the Pharmacist-Patient Relationship


To reposition the company's brand on the expertise of its pharmacists and the pharmacist-patient relationship, Brunet requested help from Tink to determine the vision of Brunet's ecosystem and digital offer for its five-year plan.

To do so, Tink analyzed the pharmaceutical banner industry in Quebec, Canada and internationally to pinpoint best practices and trends in digital technology.

The digital vision proposed focuses on the health needs of the patient. It identifies ways digital technology could better benefit and guide patients as they seek services from Brunet's health professionals.

Realisations - Strategy


Digital guidelines:

  • Highlight the Brunet pharmacist as the primary resource for professional health advice and services.
  • Offer a simple, professional and distinctive customer and omnichannel experience.
  • Inform and educate the clientele about the role of the Brunet pharmacist at every key stage of life.


  • Analyzing the pharmaceutical banner industry in Quebec, Canada and internationally
  • Identifying digital and e-business innovations in work/patient experience applicable in a health context
  • Mapping the empathy process for the two primary personas

Realisations - Techno

Deliverables for the 5-year strategic vision:

  • Technology watch
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Empathy maps of priority targets
  • Omnichannel customer journey for priority targets
  • Mapping of the target digital ecosystem
  • Prioritization matrix of initiatives
  • 5-year roadmap of functionalities
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