VIA Rail

New Look and Positioning for VIA Rail’s Corporate Website


In 2019, VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) launched its new brand platform and tagline, Love the Way, reinforcing its role as the unifying Canadian leader in sustainable, enjoyable, and safe mobility. The brand’s new corporate website, About VIA Open a new window, is in keeping with this concept.

The goal of this redesign was to create a dynamic, inspiring platform that featured engaging content while highlighting the organization’s latest initiatives and projects. VIA Rail has gone beyond mere promises, delivering tangible proof of profound transformation and modernization.


Redesign Goals

  • An inspiring platform with engaging content
  • Corporate transformation and modernization across Canada
  • Canadians who are informed, engaged, and committed to the brand

Realisations - Strategy

Major Changes

  • Greater focus on VIA Rail’s initiatives and projects
  • New, content-centered editorial line
  • Emphasis on employees, the driving force of the organization
  • Significantly updated design
  • Optimized mobile experience


  • 29% increase in engagement
  • Twice as much time spent on the page on new trains!
  • 24% increase in mobile visits
Visit the VIA Rail website. (opens new window)