« MaSanté sans tabous » Podcast


Brunet had two goals: First, it wanted to increase the public’s understanding of what pharmacists do by highlighting the various ways in which they help their patients every day. Secondly, it wanted to rejuvenate its clientele by reaching out to a younger audience.

The mandate was to create a first season of podcasts consisting of 15 episodes. Tink was responsible for developing the content strategy, coordinating the recording of the episodes, and creating the podcast’s brand image. Recently, Brunet launched season two of its online podcast!


The purpose of the project is to create informative content and, above all, to broaden public awareness of the importance and scope of a pharmacist’s role.

  • Promote Brunet pharmacists as a primary resource for professional health advice and services
  • Reach a target audience of 25- to 45-year-olds
  • Educate and inform the public about the role a Brunet pharmacist plays at every stage of life

Realisations - Strategy

MaSanté sans tabous features friendly, no-holds-barred conversations between TV and radio host Annie-Soleil Proteau and various Brunet-affiliated pharmacist-owners. Their discussions cover a wide range of health topics, including smoking cessation and vaping, sexual dysfunction, embarrassing ailments, insomnia, cannabis, and seasonal allergies.

The content is intended to be uninhibited, inspired by organic searches and the questions people don’t always feel comfortable asking health professionals in person.

The podcast also sets itself apart by not shying away from more delicate subjects (sex, cannabis, etc.), always maintaining a straightforward approach with a consistent focus on health.

Realisations - Creation

This mandate was an opportunity for Tink to continue to provide Brunet’s clients and target audiences with relevant, high-quality content, primarily by doing the following:

  • Analyzing search trends to optimize the episode themes and broadcast schedule
  • Overseeing the editorial and logistical planning and coordination of content production for each episode
  • Collaborating harmoniously with our partners: QUB radio for production and post-production, Touché! for promotion, and TUX for visual brand alignment

Developing a Brand Image for the New Podcast

« Our whole team was excited about the fact that both Tink and Brunet were doing something they’d never done before! The empathetic and down-to-earth nature of the discussions between the host and pharmacists has made the podcast a great communication channel for supporting the overall brand strategy. »
Marie-Anne Larochelle, Digital content strategist (Tink)

Why Annie-Soleil Proteau?

Deciding who would host the podcast was part of the strategic process.

Working with an already beloved Quebec ambassador helped reinforce the podcast’s accessible image. Thanks to her warm, positive, and authentic persona, the choice of TV and radio host Annie-Soleil Proteau has also contributed to the success of the program.

Visual Identity

Tink created multiple versions of the podcast’s visual identity to adapt it for social marketing, the promotion of the podcast on different listening platforms, and the integration of episodes onto Brunet’s website.

Customer Testimonial

« Health is extremely important. We tend to take it for granted, only to realize how precious it is when we lose it. »
Annie-Soleil Proteau.
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