Desjardins Entreprise

Optimize team time with an automated platform



Every year, Desjardins Business holds a recognition gala to highlight the excellent work of some of its employees. Following a long process involving many stakeholders, the Desjardins Business Ambassadors awards are presented to the winners.

After years of dealing with time-consuming nomination, calculation, and selection procedures, Desjardins Business asked Tink to create a secure and intuitive digital platform to simplify and streamline the annual recognition process.



The challenge

In the past, managers had to answer numerous questions about the employees they were nominating, then send all the completed forms to the event administrators. All nominations received by email (sometimes after several reminders) were manually compiled in an Excel file before being submitted to the jury. Once the nominations were evaluated, the administrators once again gathered all the notes and comments and added them to the master file one by one. Lastly, the final rankings were determined through a series of calculations. In total, more than four months of the year were dedicated to this selection process. 


Project – Strategy

In collaboration with Desjardins Business, we have created a platform that grants secure and personalized access to each stakeholder involved: 

  • Managers of eligible employees
  • Administrators
  • Jurors

As nominators, managers are now responsible for completing the nomination files of any employees they wish to nominate. They can save the files and come back to complete them later. Managers have access to the various nomination categories and eligibility criteria, and form automation ensures their answers are always admissible. They can even include a photo of the nominee or supportive documents and testimonials.

Administrators have access to a dashboard with real-time status updates on the nominations. They can follow up with managers who haven’t filled out certain forms or who have forgotten to complete them. They can also assign jurors to each category and quickly identify which nominations are ready.

Jurors get direct access to the forms for their voting categories and can view and evaluate the nominations directly online.

The results of each evaluation are collated, and the platform automatically compiles the results to determine the winners in each category.





The platform that we developed saved 175 hours and 1,200 emails in its first year. This corresponds to an 80% gain in time and productivity. Calculating the results used to take the teams two full days; it is now done instantly. Human error, paper printouts, and data losses have been reduced to virtually zero.

Desjardins Business now has a simple, user-friendly, customizable, and secure recognition platform with all the advantages of monitoring processes and selecting candidates in real time. It’s a solution that benefits everyone.