Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec - CMAQ

A new platform that promotes Quebec artisans

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Last year, CMAQ partnered with Tink to create its new digital content hub,, which showcases the organization’s many initiatives. 

There were multiple objectives for this new site:

  • Raising the profile of its members and enhancing their discoverability with detailed information, blog posts, podcasts and web series, events (both in-person and virtual), self-guided circuit tours, etc.
  • Enhancing the visibility of partners such as SODEC, La Presse, Radio-Canada, and various Quebec municipalities and artist associations.
  • Promoting major events, such as the Salon des métiers d’art.
cmaq tink


This assignment was a real challenge since we had many objectives for the new content hub and we had to pay attention to the user experience, namely by creating a website that was visually attractive and intuitive to use.

CMAQ’s visual chart had been done by an external artistic director, and Tink had to adapt to it in order to build the new site.

Here’s everything we worked on to meet the client’s needs:

  • Self-guided circuit tours to enable people to discover Quebec artists and artisans online by geolocation or medium 
  • A calendar for CMAQ events and a live web broadcasting platform 
  • An artist and artisan directory, which makes it possible to quickly find CMAQ members, where they work, and their area of expertise

All CMAQ-produced content, including the podcast, promotional web series, and a blog featuring the organization’s full collection of articles about Quebec know-how

We also took care of the UX, UI, mock-ups, and the complete development of this new platform. By collaborating with CMAQ’s teams, we were able to deliver a new platform that really makes people want to check out the wonderful work of our province’s artists and artisans!


cmaq tink


The new website was visited more than 71,000 times in the first six months after it was launched (summer 2021).

We’re currently working with CMAQ on the second phase of the platform’s evolution, which will enhance the self-guided circuit tour experience and make each circuit as personalized as possible. This will involve offering custom itineraries for each user (depending on their geolocation and the type of craft they are interested in). 




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