Fondation de l'Entrepreneurship

Redesign of the Fondation de l’Entrepreneurship’s Platform


The Fondation de l’Entrepreneurship (FDE) wanted to use the latest technology to better serve the two main missions of Réseau Mentorat:

  • Facilitate networking and exchanges between members
  • Promote and manage training services and activities

The Fondation had set ambitious goals for the new platform:

  • Play a central role in leading and promoting the community and facilitating networking and exchanges between members, not only by connecting mentors with mentees, but also by stimulating interaction between all stakeholders.
  • Provide an effective, user-friendly platform for promoting and managing services and training activities, thereby contributing to the sustainability of Réseau Mentorat and the financial autonomy of the Fondation.

The solution had to meet the needs and expectations that the FDE had identified for each clientele (mentors, mentees, partners, local cells, etc.) while being cost-effective.

It was certainly tempting to develop a fully customized platform that would include several complex systems and try to address all the identified needs.

Drawing from its experience in digital platform design and development, Tink proposed a technological solution that minimized the need to develop custom features, with the objective of minimizing both labour and costs.


The solution was developed on the Liferay platform, whose numerous native features and functionalities covered the vast majority of the FDE’s needs thanks to its recognized ability to customize and manage content according to each target client group.

The solution offers a collaborative extranet for the Fondation’s members and also allows the FDE to manage standard web content for the general public section of the website. It also offers features that are typically found in a traditional CRM.

Tink therefore made the platform the heart of the project to get the most out of its existing strengths and features while adapting it to the Fondation de l’Entrepreneurship’s specific needs.

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