A New Mobile App for Metro


Seeking to offer an enhanced user experience (UX), Metro decided to update its mobile app. The main goals were to adapt the interface and features to allow for more fluid browsing behaviour and to optimize the UX.

The new app, designed and developed by Tink, was built to help customers throughout their shopping experience, whether at home, in-store, or on the go.

  • Synchronization of data with
  • Fully integrated access to the Metro flyer, personalized coupons, weekly menu, recipes, and grocery list
  • Creation of the digital metro&moi loyalty card
  • Geolocation
  • Winner of a 2014 BOOMERANG AWARD in the acquisition and loyalty strategy category
  • Winner of the 2015 BOOMERANG GRAND PRIZE in the loyalty strategy category (metro&moi program)
  • Winner of a 2015 BOOMERANG AWARD in the data mining category (metro&moi program)


  • Modernize the mobile app’s visual interface
  • Make it a native app for iOS and Android

Realisations - Strategy

A People-Centred Strategy

Our strategy was to bring together every step of the shopping process to help consumers plan their food purchases.

An Enhanced Experience

More services, fewer actions. All metro&moi services are offered on the mobile app to simplify the experience and help users benefit from the program.

Realisations - Creation

Sketch Software and a Modular Web Design

The new interface, which was given a modular design using Sketch, improved the user experience.

Sharing With the Family

Grocery shopping as a family was made even easier. With the new app, users can share the grocery list from their joint family account on multiple mobile devices (Android or iOS).

These optimizations ensure that the shopping experience is unified, from the store to the app.

Realisations - Technology

Passbook Wallet

Going one step further, Metro has integrated the Passbook Wallet, allowing customers to scan their Metro card and product barcodes to receive discounts. This digital trend focused on personalization and data interlinking improves the customer experience.

Realisations - Innovation

Apple Watch App

Metro’s digital ecosystem is constantly evolving. The company has launched Canada’s first-ever Apple Watch app, which allows users to integrate and check off items on a grocery list. This extension of the mobile app was designed to facilitate and personalize the consumer’s shopping experience.